Warehouse-icon Warehouse EVE
A Level 1 Warehouse
Construction Cost Credits-icon300 · Building modules 3 · Tools 2
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon -10 · Energy-icon +6
Size 6x2
Hitpoints 1000 / 2000 / 3000
Influence Radius 28 tiles

The Warehouse is a building constructed by a ship on the coast when first settling an island. It creates a harbour area on the coastline and a building area inside the island, where other buildings can be built.

Initially it has storage capacity for 40 tons of goods, 2 passive trading slots, 1 road pick-up truck and 1 air cargo lifter to pick up goods. Upgrading to Level 2 grants total of 50t storage capacity, 4 trading slots, 2 road pick-up trucks and 1 air cargo lifter. Level 3 grants total of 60t storage capacity, 8 trading slots, 3 road pick-up trucks and 1 air cargo lifter. The storage capacity can also be upgraded by building Depots and Harbor Depots.

It can trade with only one ship at a time. This includes passive trading as well as player's ships on trading routes. Port Authority and Clearance Terminal both provide additional trading opportunities.

Level 3 warehouses can attack aircraft, although flaks are much more effective.

Without any Ark upgrades, the Warehouse normally has only 1/2/3 Road Unit(s), which is not enough if you want to have lots of industries that the warehouse must pick up goods from. It is possible to increase the number of Road Units by researching some Ark Upgrades under the Special Building chategory in the Academy (see below). This makes a warehouse able to handle a large industry without any problems, as it is possible to increase the number of units to 7 (5 in the Deep Ocean expansion, as the 3 star transport upgrade seems to have been removed) when the warehouse is fully upgraded. However, any depots connected to the warehouse will receive an additional transport unit, making it up to 7transport units, + a Air Unit at level 3. Note that this only counts if you have unlocked the "Additional Transporter" bonus in the Uplay menu, which will cost you 20 UPlay points. Every depot must be connected to the warehouse (NOTE: Port Authorities will NOT grant you this bonus, you must connect the depot directely to the warehouse) in order to receive this bonus unit.

Warehouses in the basic game have three item slots, but in the Deep Ocean expansion three more are added. You unlock the fourth when you have Tycoon/Eco Engineers or Lab Assistants living in your city, and the fifth and sixth one when you have settled 1250 Geniuses.

Creating a Warehouse on a new IslandEdit

When a ship is loaded with at least 3 building materials and 2 tools, you can bring that ship to a new beach. An icon will appear in the lower right side menu for the ship with the blue warehouse icon. The icon will blink and move up and down. Click to place. See image.


Create Warehouse

Upgrades that affect the WarehouseEdit

These upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy. These upgrades affect not only the warehouse, but all other trade buildings (like Depots) as well.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark-icon Gold star small Trade building itemUpkeep cost Central warehouse management Balance-icon: -20% ... thanks to digital sorting databases. Credits-icon 1,500

Ark-icon Gold star small Trade building itemAdditional unit Automated Warehouse filling Transport-icon: +1 Missing items will be ordered immediately. Credits-icon 6,500 · Licenses-icon 150 · Carbon 15 · Microchips 20 · Control Module icon 1

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star small Trade building itemMultiple effects Optimized inventory turnover Balance-icon: -30% Transport-icon: +1 Short storage times, reduced costs. Credits-icon 11,500 · Licenses-icon 250 · Carbon 25 · Microchips 35 · Control Module icon 2 · Worker Drone icon 1

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Trade building itemMultiple effects Automated Transport facilities Balance-icon: -40% Transport-icon: +2 The Storage androids can find any item in a jiffy.

Ark-icon Gold star small Trade building itemHealth points Massive construction Health-icon: +250 Also withstands heavy loads. Credits-icon 1,500

Ark-icon Gold star small Trade building itemCapacity Depot expansion Storage-capacity-icon: +20 More efficient Storehouse floor use. Credits-icon 1,500

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star small Trade building itemMultiple effects Reinforced Central warehouse Storage-capacity-icon: +40 Health-icon: +500 Larger, more stable Warehouses. Credits-icon 7,500 · Licenses-icon 150 · Carbon 15 · Microchips 25 · Worker Drone icon 2 · Shield icon 2

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Trade building itemMultiple effects Goods bunker Storage-capacity-icon: +80 Health-icon: +750 Bomb-proof, and with plenty of space. Credits-icon 10,000 · Licenses-icon 200 · Carbon 20 · Microchips 30 · Generator icon 2 · Shield icon 2 · Trade building item 1

Relocating the Warehouse Edit

Player can delete the Warehouse and place it on the other side of the island if needed. To do that, it is required to prepare the boat in the new desired place with at least 3t of Construction Modules and 2t of Tools. Also, it is very advisable to construct Harbor Depots for every 40 ton of any goods located on the island or else they will be lost.

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