Grapes Vineyard Tycoon logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon200 · Tools 4 · Concrete 7 · Steel 8
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -2 ·  Balance-icon -15 · Energy-icon -3
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Grapes
Fields Cultivates 7 3x6 vineyards.
Unlock 950 Tycoon Engineers
The Vineyard is a Tycoon Building which produces Grapes, used for Champagne by the Champagne Cellar for high-level Tycoons. One Champagne Cellar requires the ouput of two Vineyards running 100%. This building requires the Grape fertility to operate. The Vineyard's productivity is affected by the Ecobalance. The requirement for 7 3x6 fields will make the placement not to be underestimated. See the Tycoon Production Layouts page for some layouts uploaded by the Anno 2070 Wiki Community.

Production Chains Utilizing this BuildingEdit

Champagne Champagne
Tycoon logo
Credits-icon 1300  · Balance-icon -90  · Energy-icon -15  · Ecobal-icon -10
Building modules 14 · Tools 24 · Concrete 26 · Steel 21
2 @ 100%
Cflow-D Champagne
Champagne Cellar
1 @ 100%
Sugar Beet Plantation
1 @ 100%


A champagne production zone

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