Mega Shipper
Mega Shipper
Unit Type Ship
Construction Cost Credits-icon 100,000 · Building modules 200 · Iron 120 · Glass 70 · Steel 70 · Carbon 90
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon -300  · Ship-icon 50
HP 1,500
Cargo Holds 12 x 300 tons
Attack Power –/–/–

Special Ability Defence Station, Jet Charger, Chopper Hangar, Tricrane
Build Time 12:00
Unlock 1 Mega Shipper Blueprint

The Mega Shipper is the largest mobile storage unit ever constructed. With a cargo capacity of 3600 tons, engineers worldwide claim it is the absolute limit of cargo that can be carried on a single vessel. Any larger and the vessel will either sink or break, depending on how much the volume was increased. With a plethora of temporary improvements, it is most definitely worth checking out in the late-game Elector stage.

Technical Intel and Abilities

Its functionality is very complicated, but not incomprehensible. It is constructed of a front and back half, with a dynamic freight area in the middle. Therefore, it can adapt to all freight magnitudes. When not using all of the 12 freight slots possible, the unused freight slots can be equipped with a variety of abilities:

Defence Station

1. The Defence Station ability will create either a Flak or Harbor Defense in trade with one cargo hold as well as the necessary construction materials and the required credits . The can be destroyed in exchange for the beforehand occupied cargo hold, but the construction materials and credits are not refunded.

Jet Charger

2. The Jet Charger exchanges a cargo hold, 1000 credits and 20 quanta for a 50% speed boost. It can be traded back, but with only 5 quanta returned.

Chopper Hangar

3. The Chopper Hangar will trade a cargo hold, 400 credits, 30 carbon and 3 fuel for a 1x1 airport slot. It can be traded back for 5 carbon and a cargo hold.


4. The Tricrane will triple loading and unloading speed in exchange for a cargo hold, 1200 credits, 20 glass, 20 steel, 60 carbon and 5 quanta.

How to obtain the Blueprint

Sharon Decipiat will offer the blueprint for 10,000,000 credits, 20 container ships, 30 cargo liners, 500 tons of hempcrete, 500 tons of antique, 100 tons of quanta and 9,999 licenses.



It is not very fast, about the speed of an empty freight ship at full load, but the Jet Chargers can solve that problem.


With 1,500 HP and the Defence Station ability, self-defence is quite taken care of, but it is vulnerable to submarines. Use Viper escorts in military threat.

Cargo Size

Able to hold 3600 tons of 12 different materials, is usually enough. The Tricrane can assist in loading/unloading if the time taken for that task becomes an issue


When to build

Never build in small maps. Very late-game (Elector stage, hence the hempcrete and antique), use for massive transit of goods needs of the population, not recommended for resource/semi-product/building material/weapons transit. Possible for personal mobile cargo holder. Mind the maintenance.

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