Ultimatums are conditions presented by another individual to reach an agreement. There are three types of ultimatums: one is the threat of rebellion from your own population, another is a threat of war from another individual, and the final type of ultimatum is terms of peace with an individual you are at war with. You have a certain amount of time to fufill these requirements. If you do not fulfill the stated requirements within the time limit, the other party will carry out the threat they gave to you with the ultimatum.

Per January 12th, it's no longer possible for human players to give an ultimatum to a player, apart from via the chat.


Rebellion, or strike which it may also be called, happens when you do not fulfill an ultimatum from your own population. Rebellion and strike results in all public and production buildings to be rioted and shut down. This may cause your population to leave and your economy to suffer. This can not be reversed and all you can do is wait it out. Ultimatums from your population may consist of constructing buildings you do not currently have and then keeping it there for a certain period of time. For example, your Eco population may ask you to build a Congress Center and keep it there for 5 minutes if you do not already have one. Afterwards, you can demolish it with no effect. If you fail to complete this kind of quest, all production and public buildings that are not inside the area of a Monument will stop working for a period of time, also described in the Uprise page.

War and PeaceEdit

"There are two options: either accept my demand and guarantee Peace... Or you lose everything."
—Vadim Sokow when presenting an ultimatum

Other individuals may demand you fufill certain requirements in a timely manner. These demands usually involve paying money/goods or reducing the size of your military, but some NPCs have special demands (e.g. Moreau will give you an ultimatum to improve your Ecobalance if you have a very bad Ecobalance on one of your islands). If you do not complete these demands then it will result in a declaration of war from the other individual. If you ask for peace in any war, this may result in the other player or NPC asking you to meet requirements in order for peace to follow. It is possible to bribe some NPCs not to give you ultimatums by bringing your influence with them up to 60 points and then buy Diplomatic Immunity which will prevent them from declaring war on you.

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