Thermal-power-iconEnergy cost Thermal Power Station Eco logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon300 · Building modules 6 · Tools 6 · Wood 8
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon -65 · Energy-icon +70
Size 4x6
Hitpoints 1000
Influence Radius 10 tiles
Produces Energy-icon
Unlock 750 Eco Employees

The Thermal Power Station is the second energy building available to the ecos.

The output of the thermal power station is influenced by how many inhabitants live within its range. The more inhabitants the more power it generates. Maximum productivity is reached when 650 inhabitants live within the radius, 50% @ 200 inhabitants. This means that a thermal station in an area with executive houses will produce more energy than one in an area with the same number of worker houses, since they offer greater housing density.

While not nearly as remarkable as its Tycoon complement, the Thermal Power Station carries some advantages. The energy it provides will support Eco Engineers with minimal need for highly vulnerable Offshore Wind Parks. It also requires less island space than bulky coal+excavator power, and may remove the need for solar power entirely. At 60% efficiency the cost is on par with wind power, but it will never be as cheap as Tycoon options.

The 4x6 footprint requires extra forethought when planning a city. One option is to place an extra road between houses that you plan to tear down later.

The Thermal Power Station and Tycoon Waste Compactor may use the same houses without penalty.

Upgrades Edit

Most upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark-icon Gold star small Thermal power station itemUpkeep cost Improved flue gas cleaning system Balance-icon: -10% Doubled filter life. Credits-icon 2,000

Ark-icon Gold star small Thermal power station itemProductivity Power-heat coupling Energy-icon: +20% Reduced heat loss. Credits-icon 4,000 · Microchips 15 · Control Module icon 1

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star small Thermal power station itemMultiple effects Fluidized bed process Balance-icon: -20% Energy-icon: +30% Increased utilization coefficient. Credits-icon 9,500 · Licenses-icon 200 · Carbon 20 · Microchips 30 · Control Module icon 1 · Worker Drone icon 1

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Thermal power station itemMultiple effects Flue heat exchanger technology Balance-icon: -30% Energy-icon: +40% Improved surface evaporators. Credits-icon 12,500 · Licenses-icon 250 · Carbon 25 · Microchips 40 · 60526 1 · Thermal power station item 1

There is also a Warehouse Item that specifically affects the Thermal Power Station; it must either be bought or found.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Warehouse-slot-icon Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Thermal power station itemProductivity Efficient heat exchanger Energy-icon: +15% So that no energy is wasted


Productivity as function of inhabitants
Inhabitants Productivity Energy
650 100 70
550 90 63
450 80 56
350 70 49
250 60 42
200 50 35
150 40 28
100 30 21
75 20 14
50 10 7
25 5 4
5 1 1

The thermal power station appears by its upgrade names and mode of operation to be a power plant that makes power by burning houshold waste from nearby homes. It also probably works on the principle of cogeneration, that means it produces both electricity and heat for the houses.


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