The long way there is the third bonus mission released in Anno 2070, along with Final Spurt and the Distrust Event.

Difficulty: Medium (Gold starGold star)


  • Build a Tycoon metropolis without affecting the Ecobalance in the sector.
  • The Eden Formers turned out to be huge blow to Global Trust. Many of the firm's partners cancel their contracts and invest in the promising new environmental technology instead. It is up to you to prove that conventional industry is still competitive.


Prove that Global Trust is still number one, even when they have to integrate environment-friendly measures into the way they work!

  • Reach 3000 Tycoon Engineers
  • Never let you Islands' Ecobalance fall under -50 for longer than three minutes.


  • Development
  • Ecobalance


This mission can be played as a multiplayer game.


You play in an already revealed map with large, fertile islands. You start with one Command Ship with the normal equipment (40t Building Modules, 40t Tools and 10t Fish). There are no Formers or any other environment-affecting buildings in this sector.


  • The -50 Ecobalance requirement is per island. Colonize at least 3-4 islands to make full use of each island's limit.
  • A single island can handle all the requirements for 4 Tools Workshops or 8 Basalt Crushers. Your primary island will use much of its tiny pollution budget on Distillery production.
  • Use passive trading to purchase extra Building Modules and Tools, and make full use of your trade partners for raw materials.
  • Build Coal Mines to replace the heavily polluting Rotary Excavator as soon as possible.
  • Dr. Tori Bartok has several missions that will provide pollution reducing upgrades.
  • Use the ample island space for City Centers, and make HEAVY use of Waste Compactors at the Engineer level. They work at 60% efficiency (+30 Eco) with tier one housing, and each center can fit 3-4 without overlap.
  • Plastics and Convenience Food will be difficult to build up as both production chains generate a lot of pollution. Keep filling your islands with City Centers to get more Waste Compactors, and only produce enough goods for the main island.

Walkthrough alternate - supplement; The island s/w is good for oil / plastics production. You can avoid a population center with waste compactor for that island if you minimise the chain untill you can plop a deacidifier. The island the the w/e/w is ok for iron tools burgers & truffles. More room here for a slum expansion with waste compactor or two for eco balance. As with the oil - plastics island if you go the deacidifier route plan ahead they chew up one coal plant to run. And yes get rid of the extractors asap. The island up north has sugar & grapes for champaigne. You can actually avoid any brick & tool production buying these from NPC's and setting your trade up for them. Ok so a bit of harbor hopping - deal with it. Once your population classes are ready to upgrade do so checking your dependancy supply, most likely you'll need another burger, champagne or plastics factory, but due to limited resources because of eco balance etc., slabbing them down like you normally might do can trip the -50 eco limit very quick. Main island can do concrete but with a good tax base don't hesitate to get that & extra steel from Rufus. It's an inch by inch process with this mission but with a good tax base done right you can buy / trade for alot of the jazz you'll need, acting as a supply buffer and avoiding some production.

No points for this mission - burn - but it's still fun.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Bonus Mission The Long Way There55:07

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Bonus Mission The Long Way There


Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin

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