The Formers is the first mission in The Eden Project Global Event. This mission is extremely simple as it is only a small sandbox level without any AI players. Just follow the instructions given to you, and you will win it soon.

Difficulty: Easy


  • An idyllic spot with some defective Formers. Settle some Eco Employees. Use Bio Technicians on islands with defective Formers. You can follow the Eden's Initiative plans undisturbed in this sector.


  • Reach at least 150 Eco Employees and repair the only defective Former with bio technicians.



The Formers

The yellow island is perfect to settle your inhabitants: it has a tea and a coffee fertility (but you only need the tea) and plenty of room.

The red island is the one with the broken Former.

The green and grey ships are respectively Yana Rodriguez and Rufus Thorne, the pink symbol is Trenchcoat.


This mission is very easy and completable in ten minutes. Just settle the yellow island marked on the map above and build 1 basalt extraction, 1 smelter, 1 city center, min. 18 worker barracks, 1 fishery, 1 (or 2 if you play very fast) tea plantation and 1 concert hall. Speed the game up if you lack building modules. Upgrade ten worker barracks to employee houses, settle the red marked island and activate the bio technicians.


  • Formula: Construction Plan: Guardian 1.0 blueprints in the Academy.
  • 50 career points for Tycoon, Eco or Tech's career ladder at the player's choice.
  • Achievement: Achievement"The Land of Milk and Honey"
  • Title: Settler

Video WalkthroughEdit

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Global Event - The Eden Project - Mission 1 The Formers11:00

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Global Event - The Eden Project - Mission 1 The Formers


Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin

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