The Technical Section will help you with things like modifications and bugs and it shows all expansions, patches and "by-products" of the game.

List of technical subcategoriesEdit

Start a Discussion Discussions about Technical

  • Clearing Anno 2070 to default game.

    3 messages
    • If you want to clear your game profile / stats, you just have to delete the "Anno 2070" folder in your Documents (I thought). As far...
    • I just tested it, and no change. Uplay is even in offline mode, so unless there is another Anno 2070 folder or Uplay has some local way...
  • How to play online? Can't connect.

    5 messages
    • how do i play anno 2070 online
    • Well I had the same problem where I was unable to join any lobby. I found out I couldn't play online when I was connected to my...

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