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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
Add-On icon Shortage of skilled workers Two Stars
The creation of a simulation model is one of the most important steps for the analysis. ETO has a very limited staff available, far too few to meet the challenges ahead.
So help Hiro Ebashi to attract a large number of Geniuses to this sector. Both the Eden Initiative and Global Trust have already pledged you their support.
Objectives Achieve 1000 Tech Geniuses
Focus Development, Techs
NPCs Hiro Ebashi, Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi
Multiplayer not possible

Shortage of Skilled Workers is a mission of the "Miracle in Danger" mini-campaign. It has a medium difficulty (two stars).


You're not able to choose the ecos or the tycoons, you will gain construction plans of the neccesary buildings by completing quests.

You first priority is to upgrade to researchers as fast as possible. You're always losing money because Lab Assistants generate almost no income. The game helps you with this by giving large amounts of credits for each quest you're being given. Remember that you only need 1000 Geniuses, so you don't have to produce Laboratory instruments or Bionic suits. They will stay happy if you provide them with enough Neuroimplants.


  • 200 Career Points (you can determine for which faction you'll use them)

Main Objective: Shortage of Skilled WorkersEdit

  • Settle 1000 Tech Geniusses

Primary QuestsEdit

Secondary QuestsEdit


The various quests for vital buildings are unlocked at population tech population levels. You get basalt at your first tech house built, power at 50, tools at 100. You get a quest for the weather control station when you hit researchers, and shortly afterward one for on-land oil drillers.

Make heavy use of the three friendly arks to buy tools and building materials en masse, and have your city buy additional building materials and tools from passing ships. You have enough starting cash to blow it on, and the quests give 10000-15000 a pop, but you'll be losing 500-800 credits a minute since you'll have next to no taxes, so don't dawdle.

Building 3-5 basalt, 1 tools chain, 1 functional food, 1 energy drinks, and 2 carbon chains will be enough to get vital resources moving. Hit researchers and the deficit will slowly decrease. Once it gets to manageable levels, the rest of the scenario can be done at your leisure.

Video GuideEdit

Leafonthewin's video tutorial

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