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Scorpio talking
Characteristics Raider, slaughterous
Personality Aggressive

"Welcome to the end of the world, my friends. My name is Scorpio, and the Neo Skulls are my boys. Ain't nothing we'd love more than to plunge your happy little world into flames."

Scorpio is the most aggressive player in Anno 2070. As the leader of the Neo Skulls pirate group, he likes to threaten the world and to scare people.


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Neo Skulls logo

The only thing known about Scorpio's background is that he is Hector's brother.

He only appears in the first World Event (Neo Skulls Crisis) and is not available to play with in normal games. In that world event, he threatens the world with his stolen nuclear weapons. The player then has to defeat him and the Neo Skulls.


Scorpio is far nastier than his brother Hector during war time (he offers no trading route protection, no cease-fire, and no request peace actions). The only ships Scorpio employs are Raiders and he builds these periodically, just like Hector. These ships are faster than all trading ships without boosters.

Bonus ContentEdit

If you complete the Neo Skulls Crisis World Event, you gain access to Scorpio's portrait.

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