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Residences are the buildings in which your population lives in Anno 2070. Residence buildings are all 3x3 in size. These will upgrade over time, using building resources, and will be a sign of the citizenry level you have achieved. There is a limit on how many residences can upgrade to their maximum levels.

Unlike other buildings, residences can be rotated and can have their building model changed after being built. Also, engineer, executive and genius residences of the same level and faction will link together when built next to each other.

Practical Information Edit

Residences are an essential part of Anno 2070. Populations consume goods, and provide you money directly through taxation. Residents are divided into ranks that are dependent on the population of the rank below them (if any) and the commodities you can supply them with. As your citizens advance, so do their residences, which aesthetically look more impressive and luxurious.

As the player, your primary challenge is to provide the Needs of your population. These needs start off very simple, and new needs are added as your population grows and advances.

When all of a population's needs are completely unlocked and satisfied, the population is eligible to advance to the next level. Advancement is allowed by setting the taxation rate to "Euphoric", and providing the necessary raw materials to upgrade. Housing will then gradually upgrade to the next tier.

Failing to provide the needs of your population will cause them to become unsatisfied and eventually leave your city. If your population begins to decline, residences too will decline with their inhabitants. If a house is totally abandoned, it will be replaced with a residental ruin - it provides no income and the building materials are lost. Losing citizens is usually a sign that something is vitally wrong in your game style, and preventative action should be preformed immediately. Without citizens, your income through tax vanishes and may well lead to a game over.

Residences also have an unlisted need for Emergency Services. Both the chance of a disaster occurring, and the necessary cure are unlocked at the same time:

Burning residences will lose health until they are destroyed. Residences afflicted by disease or crime will become dissatisfied resulting in them moving out. Every affliction has a chance to spread and become more severe, depending on difficulty settings.

Crime also will continue to dissatisfy residences which were affected by it until it has been curbed

Needs for Tycoons and EcosEdit

In Anno 2070, the Population for the Eco and Tycoon Factions are divided into 4 distinct tiers, and share parallels for their Needs.

A Monument provides all Factions with their need for Community, Activity, Information and Participation.

Tier 1 (Workers)Edit

Tier 2 (Employees)Edit

Tier 3 (Engineers)Edit

Tier 4 (Executives)Edit

Needs for TechsEdit

Techs only have 3 tiers, however you need the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock the third. Do not underestimate Tech needs, as they are far more complex and expensive to provide. It is a good idea to keep a strong Tycoon or Eco economy to support your Tech cities. For now, their needs are:

Tier 1 (Lab Assistants)Edit

Tier 2 (Researchers)Edit

  • Drink at 1 Researcher (Immunity Drugs) (deep ocean expansion required)
  • Lifestyle at 600 Researchers (Neuroimplants) (deep ocean expansion required)
  • Information at 600/1200 Researchers (Information Center) (1200 in the Deep Ocean expansion)

Tier 3 (Geniuses)Edit

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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.

Housing Data Edit

No matter how well the population is taken care of, a certain percentage of residences will be stuck at their current level. They form a permanent lower class for your society and will only retain the needs for that level. Each upgrade layers upon the last so that 80% of all housing may advance to Employees, 60% of those Employee houses may advance to Engineers, and 40% of those Engineer houses may advance to Executives. The resulting population is as follows:

Housing Demographics Tycoon / Eco
Type Ascension Rights Housed Population % of Max Population* Bonus Population**
Workers 20% 8 7.52% +0
Employees 32% 15 22.56% +1
Engineers 28.8% 25 33.83% +3
Executives 19.2% 40 36.10% +4
Housing Demographics Tech
Type Ascension Rights Housed Population % of Max Population* Bonus Population**
Lab Assistants 35% 5 8.24%
Researchers 65%
30 91.76%
(only with Deep Ocean)
20% 50 38.68% +6

*% of total citizens that will be at this level.
**Bonus Population gained via Executive channels.

Population and Unit Cap Edit

Citizens add ship points (also named Unit Limit and Military Size in game) based on their number, level and faction. Points added by every type of citizen are rounded down before being added to the total limit, for example 999 Executives grant 9 points, while 1000 executives grant 10 points. Because of this it is common when upgrading residences that total ship limit is lowered, usually temporarily. Citizens on the same level but belonging to different factions do not mix, for example 250 Tycoon Employees grant 5 points, while 125 Eco Employees and 125 Tycoon Employees grant 4 points together.

Base limit is 10, citizens grant additional points.

Ship points (military size) granted
Type People needed per ship point Full residences needed per ship point
Workers 30 3.75
Employees 50 3.33
Engineers 73 2.92
Executives 100 2.5
Lab Assistants 18 3.6
Researchers 95 3.167
Geniuses (Deep Ocean only) 133 2.66

Types of ResidencesEdit




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