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Population is a measure of how many people live in your current game. Your Global Population (worldwide) is shown when you mouseover the Population-icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

See the following example, showing all Residence levels, and Population totals with the current and total military size:

Global population

Population is also broken down per-island. Clicking on a City Center brings up the info panel. This displays Global Tax Income on the first line, and Island-Wide information from the second line and down. The number of Residence's, the Population Size, and broken down by Population level the number of Current and Total number of Inhabitants.

Note: Whenever Ascension Rights are automatic and every condition to advance is met, the small up-arrows next to the appropriate Residence types as well as the small white numbers indicating the amount of buildings ready to be upgraded may be clicked to manually advance Residences to the next level.

See the following example of the info panel for an Eco island:

Population island

Population warehouse
The same information regarding island-wide population can be found on the Warehouse panel in the upper-right corner.

There are no civilization levels in Anno 2070, but each Population level allows for expanded construction of buildings like in Anno 1404.

The Inhabitants which belong to each first level of Population live in 3x3 Residences:

Note: The foundation of Monuments satisfy the Need for Community, and a completed Monument satisfies additionally the Need for Activity, Information and Participation within its full influence area.

There are a total of 11 Population groups in Anno 2070: 4 for Eco, 4 for Tycoon and 3 for Tech:

Population GroupsEdit

There are three playable Factions in Anno 2070. They all have their own citizens.


See also: Eco

Eco workers

Eco WorkersEdit

Housing: Eco Worker Barracks

Representative: Worker Josh

Maximum inhabitants: 8


Eco employees

Eco EmployeesEdit

Housing: Eco Employee House

Representative: Employee Steve

Maximum inhabitants: 15


Eco engineers

Eco EngineersEdit

Housing: Eco Engineer Apartment

Representative: Engineer Ryan

Maximum inhabitants: 25


Eco executives

Eco ExecutivesEdit

Housing: Eco Executive Mansion

Representative: Manager Zack

Maximum inhabitants: 40



See also: Tycoon

Tycoon workers

Tycoon WorkersEdit

Housing: Tycoon Worker Barracks

Representative: Worker Walter

Maximum inhabitants: 8


Tycoon employees

Tycoon EmployeesEdit

Housing: Tycoon Employee House

Representative: Employee Lester

Maximum inhabitants: 15


Tycoon engineers

Tycoon EngineersEdit

Housing: Tycoon Engineer Apartments

Representative: Engineer Richard

Maximum inhabitants: 25


Tycoon executives

Tycoon ExecutivesEdit

Housing: Tycoon Executive Mansion

Representative: Manager Russel

Maximum inhabitants: 40



See also: Tech

Tech assistants

Lab AssistantsEdit

Housing: Assistants' Domicile

Representative: Lab Assistant Trevor

Maximum inhabitants: 5


Tech researchers


Housing: Researchers' Apartments

Representative: Researcher Rodney

Maximum inhabitants: 30




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Housing: Geniuses' Residences

Representative: Egon

Maximum inhabitants: 50



In order to grow your cities, you want to ascend as many Inhabitants to higher levels as possible. Like Anno 1404, your total number of Population is restricted to a certain % of each Population group. For Ecos and Tycoons:

  • 80% of your level 1 Inhabitants can advance to level 2
  • 60% of your level 2 Inhabitants can advance to level 3
  • 40% of your level 3 Inhabitants can advance to level 4

For Techs:

  • 60% of your level 1 Inhabitants can advance to level 2
  • 30% of your level 2 Inhabitants can advance to level 3

The following criteria must be met in order to advance a house to the next level of Population:

  • Taxation at Euphoric (lowest) level
  • Occupancy is at full number of Inhabitants
  • All of the Residence's Needs satisfied and in the green
  • Island-wide Population allowing room for advancement (see above)
  • Upgrade materials available

Required materials per each Faction and Population group are as follows:

Construction Costs Level 1 > 2 Level 2 > 3 Level 3 > 4

Eco logo

Building modules 2

Tools 1

Building modules 2
Tools 2
Wood 3

Building modules 1
Tools 3
Wood 3
Glass 4

Tycoon logo

Building modules 2

Tools 1

Building modules 2
Tools 2
Concrete 3

Building modules 1
Tools 3
Concrete 3
Steel 4

SAAT logo

Building modules 3
Tools 2

Building modules 1 (5*)
Tools 4 (4*)
Carbon 4 (3*)

Tools (6*)
Carbon (2*)


* Deep Ocean Expansion
** Without "Success Stories" enabled in the Ministry of Truth

When a Residence is ready to advance a blue icon is displayed over their info panel when you click the Residence. Manual upgrading is only possible if Ascension Rights are also set to manual, otherwise houses will upgrade at a natural pace.

Why won't the city advance to the next level?Edit

Common reasons the population does not advance is that the population does not have all their Needs satisfied, the population is being taxed too high, or there is not the correct proportion of each class.

The number of your level 1 citizens limits how many level 2 citizens you can have and so on. If you have met every required condition for advancement but your houses still don't advance, try building more level 1 houses in order to increase your limit on the higher population groups.

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