Add-On icon Brink of War Three Stars
Full-scale firefights between the Eden Initiative and Global Trust bases. Arbitrate between them, and then get both parties to the negotiating table.
Objectives Use lots of Diplomats to increase their influence on the warring parties.

Focus Influence, Diplomacy
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi, Trenchcoat
Multiplayer not available

Brink of War is the third and final mission in The Nordamark Border Conflict Global Event. It has clearly become essential to commence Peace negotiations and bring this bloody conflict to an end.

Difficulty: Hard

Main Objective Edit

Primary Objective MAIN OBJECTIVE
The Nordamark Border Conflict
  • ▶ Train at least 6 Diplomats.
    • Diplomats trained: 0 / 6
  • ▶ Use Diplomats to increase your influence over Rufus Thorne:
    • Influence: 0 / 90
  • ▶ Use Diplomats to increase your influence over Yana Rodriguez:
    • Influence: 0 / 90

EVE To settle the dispute between Rufus Thorne and Yana Rodriguez, you will have to prove to them that peaceful coexistence is possible.

  • Reward:
  • All logos 300 Career Points
  • Orca item iconMultiple effects Formulas: Orca - Reactor accelerator, Optimization kit
  • ChAch Achievement: "Boiling point"
  • Title icon Title: "Peacemaker"

Primary Quests Edit

These quests constitute part of the Main Objective to train 4 Diplomats and are not optional.

Icon 27 342 Diplomatic Training
  • ▶ Settle:
    • Eco Employee Eco Employees 0/50
    • Tycoon Employee Tycoon Employees 0/50
    • in this sector.
  • ▶ Maintain this condition for the next 10:00 minutes.

EVE "This is the minimum population required to guarantee that you will find qualified candidates for training."

  • Reward:
  • Wanted Person 1 Diplomat

Further Diplomats may be obtained by completing additional quests:

2nd Wanted Person Diplomat Maintain this condition for another 10:00 minutes.
3rd Wanted Person Diplomat Eco Engineer 100 Eco Engineers
Tycoon Engineer 100 Tycoon Engineers.
4th Wanted Person Diplomat Maintain this condition for another 15:00 minutes.
5th Wanted Person Diplomat Eco Engineer 1300 Eco Engineers
Tycoon Engineer 1300 Tycoon Engineers.
6th Wanted Person Diplomat Maintain this condition for another 5:00 minutes.
Diplomats must be delivered to an NPC Warehouse and provide Diplomacy icon +10 Influence, but -2 Influence with their rival.

Secondary Quests Edit

Optional Objective PICTURE PUZZLE
Arms industry
  • ▶ Someone is wanted in your city [City_Name].
    • Find: 4 Engineers
    • People: 0/4
  • ▶ Deliver the following to Mr. Thorne's Warehouse:
    • 4 Engineers

Rufus Thorne icon "If we don't get more staff for our Shipyards fast, we'll be driven back!"

  • Reward:
  • Diplomacy icon 15 Influence
  • ▶ Yana is also interested in the wanted Persons.

Yana Rodriguez icon "His shipyards are already more efficient than ours! Your people should support the Initiative instead! "

  • Reward:
  • Diplomacy icon 15 Influence

This quest will result in a -5 Influence penalty with the opposing faction. A second, nearly identical quest will ask the player to recover Salvaged Goods 4 Crates of Flotsam.

Supplementary Quests Edit

Eden Initiative icon PICTURE PUZZLE
  • ▶ Someone is wanted in your city [City_Name].
    • Find: 2 Engineers
    • People: 0/2
  • ▶ Deliver the following to Yana's Warehouse:
    • 2 Engineers

Yana Rodriguez icon "We will certainly not back down. Global Trust began this conflict, and we remain steadfast. "

  • Reward:
  • Credits-icon 2,176
  • Licenses-icon 83 Licenses
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence

Global Trust icon ACCIDENT
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to the marked Tycoon Warship:
    • Building modules 15t Building modules
    • Tools 5t Tools

Rufus Thorne icon "It was only with great difficulty that this Ship was able to escape an Eden Initiative ambush ..."

  • Reward:
  • Licenses-icon 114 Licenses
  • Plastics 12t Plastics
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence

Walkthrough Edit

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Global Trust (Tycoons) / Eden Initiative (Ecos) Edit

Tips Edit

  • Hidden scripted triggers exist in this mission, which grant +/- Diplomacy icon Influence. Additional information is contained in the Walkthrough for the previous mission, A Serious Incident.

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