Vadim Sokow icon Oil Tanker Tycoon logo
Unit Type Trading Ship
Construction Cost
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon -90  · Ship-icon 1
HP 1000
Cargo Holds 8 (2 are invisible) x 60 tons
Item Slots 0
Attack Power -/-/-
Build Time n/a

Oil Tankers are the Ships Vadim Sokow uses in game. They are ships with three oil storage silos on them and are usually paired with a warship such as a Commando Ship or Viper. They are freight ships and are not armed. When destroyed, they will cause an Oil Spill that can negatively effect an Island's Ecobalance by 500 points.

This ship cannot be built and the only way to obtain it is to hijack them. Occasionally, Hector may hijack an Oil Tanker and sell it at his base. However, buying them from Hector is fairly expensive and will cost around 60,000 credits.

Oil Tankers have a total load capacity of 480 tons, however two of the eight cargo holds are invisible. This is because normally, the item slots are on that place. Oil Tankers don't have any item slots.

Strategies & TacticsEdit

  • Oil Tankers can be a useful alternative to Container Ships. Because they take up only 1 fleet point, they allow a larger military fleet with the same population. The disadvantage of Oil Tankers when compared to Container Ships is that they have a much higher maintenance cost and lack item slots for upgrades. Even so, they may be desirable novelty purposes, for those who want to transport Oil "in style".
  • Nasty players can use the Oil Disaster as a sacrificial weapon against opponents. Simply place the ship near the target coast and make sure something is around to shoot it. The enemy's island will be devastated for a long time without any need to declare war! You don't even have to struggle to break through the enemy fortification to destroy his Fisheries like specified in the Combat article. You simply destroy one Oil Tanker nearby the island, and once the Oil Spill disaster occurs, the Fisheries will work at only 25% efficiency which could be catastrophic in case of a war if the enemy haven't prepared by stocking up goods. And because any unit that cleans up the coast are not under the enemy's control, you can simply destroy it so that the Oil Spill disaster continues. Note that this may not work if the unit that cleans up the coastline also have a White Flag activated, which makes it neutral and immune to enemy fire.


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