New development is the second and final mission of the "Development package". In this mission, you assist Josh Steen in the construction of the first Eden Former.

Difficulty: Hard (Gold starGold starGold star)


  • Deliver the required materials to Josh.
  • Protect him from further attacks.


This mission can't be played with other human players.

Walkthrough Edit

In this mission, you only have expand to one other islands, if you build smart.

You will have to deliver the following goods to Josh Steen:

  • 40t concrete and 40t wood
  • 40t steel and 40t glass
  • 20t biopolymers and 20t omega acids

Goods from the other faction can be gained in quests.

How do you do that without expanding to other islands?

  1. Choose the eco faction. They're able to take all level one and two goods from one island (after you add the vegetable fertility to the empty slot).
  2. Just expand until you have reached the Executive level. One house is enough. You'll need to settle the one island with durum wheat and fruit to get the Engineer goods (produce bio drinks and only wheat on this island and transport to your main island to finish off the pasta dishes).
  3. Buy all the goods you need in the trade menu (warehouse). You can produce the 40T wood, 40T glass and buy the biopolymers as soon as you advance to Executives or settle the corn island to the SE of your main island and build the biopolymers..
  4. Make peace with Hector and buy a few warships.
  5. Destroy the warships on the map and deliver the black boxes to Yana. The three groups of warships are in differing strengths. One set of two command ships, one set of two command ships and one viper, and the last set of one colosus, two vipers, and two command ships. Destroy them in that order (easiest to hardest). After the second set is dispatched, that will clear the way to the NW island with the fruit and wheat fertilities.
  6. The last quest calls for you to deliver a generator for the 20T biopolymers (Yana Rodriguez) or 20T omega acids (Rufus Thorne). You can build a small Tech settlement your main island or on the island to the SW. Build only as much as you need to unlock the Lab and then build the generator. You will need to settle an underwater island to get the oil to build carbon. If the first and second enemy fleets are out of the way, this is no problem. Alternatively, you can buy the goods from your warehouse.
  7. Deliver the goods to Josh.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Bonus Mission New Development40:22

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Bonus Mission New Development


Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin

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