• Tycoon Engineer Needs
  • Eco Engineer Needs
  • Researcher Needs (with the Deep Ocean expansion)

There are several needs that must be provided for to satisfy one's population. They are:

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Lifestyle
  • Community
  • Activity
  • Information
  • Participation

The needs of your population gradually increase once the population reaches certain civilization level or a certain number of inhabitants is reached (the second category are not actually "needs" but "wants"). The "wants" of a certain civilization level become part of the "needs" of the next one. The first level of civilization (Eco Worker, Tycoon Worker and Lab Assistant) start with only 2 needs: Fish and Community.

The needs can be divided into 2 categories: Ones that are satisfied by goods, and ones that are satisfied by buildings:

  • Food, Drink and Lifestyle are satisfied by goods that are present in the island's warehouse. When these goods are depleted, the satisfaction of the population will drop and eventually hit 0% (limited to the good in question). Depending on whether the need is a "want" or a real "need", the tax levels of a certain civilization level will move to the left or the population of said level will grow angry and start to leave the city.
  • Community, Activity, Information and Participation are all satisfied by placing public buildings. As long as a house lays inside of the "radius" of these buildings, and both are connected by a road, the needs are satisfied.
  • It is worth noting that the needs of Tycoons are more drastically affected by available goods than ecos. A shortage of goods would cause tycoons to stop advancement while Ecos have a delay before anger.
  • Note that any completed Monument will provide Community, Activity, Information, and Participation for ALL Population types, but a Monument foundation will only provide Community. Example: you can build an Eco city around a Corporate Headquarters.

Eco Needs Edit

Eco Workers Employees Engineers Executives
Food Fish Fish
Health Food
Health Food
Pasta Dishes
Drink Tea Tea
Bio Drinks
Lifestyle None Communicators Communicators
3D Projectors
Service Bots
Community City Center or Monument
Activity Concert Hall or Monument
Information None Education Network or Monument
Participation None Congress Center or Monument

Tycoon NeedsEdit

Tycoon Workers Employees Engineers Executives
Food Fish Fish
Convenience Food
Convenience Food
Luxury Meals
Drink Liquor Liquor
Lifestyle None Plastics Plastics
Community City Center or Monument
Activity Casino or Monument
Information None Ministry of Truth or Monument
Participation None Financial Center or Monument

Tech NeedsEdit

Tech Lab Assistants Researchers Geniuses
Food Fish
Functional Food
Drink Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks
Immunity Drugs

Lifestyle None Neuroimplants Neuroimplants
Laboratory Instruments
Bionic Suits
Community City Center or Monument
Activity Laboratory or Monument
Information None Information Center or Monument
Participation None

Note: the Deep Ocean expansion is required in order to unlock the neuroimplants, laboratory instruments, bionic suits, immunity drugs and the whole "genius" level.

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