Meat Meat Factory Tycoon logo
Two Meat Factories
Construction Cost Credits-icon100 · Building modules 1 · Tools 2 · Concrete 3
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -3 ·  Balance-icon -5 · Energy-icon -2
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Meat
Fields Cultivates 3 3x4 pigsties.
Unlock 360 Tycoon Employees

The Meat Factory is a Tycoon Building used to make Meat. This Meat is needed for the Convenience Food Production Chain. There is no fertility needed for the Meat Factory, so the ecobalance does not affect this building.

Production Chains Utilizing this BuildingEdit

Convenience Food Convenience Food
Tycoon logo
Credits-icon 550  · Balance-icon -35  · Energy-icon -10  · Ecobal-icon -11
Building modules 6 · Tools 11 · Concrete 18
Meat Factory
2 @ 100%
Cflow-D Convenience Food
Food Supply Factory
1 @ 100%
Super flavor
Flavor Lab
1 @ 100%

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