Tycoon Executive Manager Russel Global Trust icon
Tycoon executives

Characteristics Bald and somewhat repulsive
Personality Neutral

Manager Russel (a.k.a. just Russel) is the executive representative you contact when you select a Tycoon Executive Mansion. He is the representative of the Tycoon Population on any player-build island, at least after you have attained Tycoon Executives on the island.

He appeared in Mission One: Finding the Truth as the man who owns the Tycoon settlement when you are choosing which island to settle. If you choose the Eco settlement, he claims he will notify Rufus Thorne/the board. After that, you could take on a quest to trade with him to earn an Emergency plan, a rare item.

Manager Russel is the Tycoon's counterpart of Manager Zack from the Ecos.

You can obtain his portrait by attaining the "Race to the sky" achievement, which requires building an eco monument and a Tycoon Monument on the same island.

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