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Add-On icon Long-distance Supply Two Stars
Part of the analysis consists of material tests, but the complex tests required tremendous amounts of Energy. Since the handling of that amount of Energy in the immediate vicinity of the tests would be too dangerous, Hiro Ebashi asks you to use the Energy transmitters to run the tests from a safe distance.
Objectives Build two Laboratories and an Academy
Transfer 1500 Energy via Energy transmitters
Focus Development, Energy
NPCs Hiro Ebashi, Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi
Multiplayer not possible

Long-Distance Supply is a mission from the "Miracle in Danger" campaign. It has a medium difficulty (two stars).


Hiro Ebashi asks you to generate a high amount of energy (1,500 power) in order to conduct the experiment. However, because generating such an amount of energy is dangerous to the test site, you will have to use an Energy Transmitter to deliver the energy to the island.


Scenario ObjectivesEdit



200 Reputation with your chosen faction.


Medium difficulty (2 stars)


Main Objective: Long-Distance SupplyEdit

Primary QuestsEdit

You begin the mission on two separate islands, a smaller island with Hiro Ebashi and an energy transmitter, and a larger island with its own energy transmitter. The objectives are as follows:

  1. You must generate 1,500 energy on the larger main island and transmit it all to the smaller island.
  2. You must also build a small Tech station on the smaller island with 50 Researchers, two Laboratories and an Academy.
  3. You must maintain the above conditions for 3 minutes.

Secondary QuestsEdit

Tycoon Walkthrough Edit

Blockade pic
  1. In the Way - This mission usually begins once you have enough industry to start making steel and concrete. You are given 50min to complete the mission, which is enough time to build 2 additional commando ships and destroy the enemy Vipers. You receive 1 Control Room Upgrade for completing the mission, which boosts coal-powered energy generation by 20%.
  2. Grants - This mission is very easy, as long as you use a fast ship such as your commando ship or submarine, you'll have no trouble outrunning the hostile ships.
    Scientific Expedition pic
  3. Scientific Expedition - This mission is not difficult to complete, as long as you have ready access to carbon and functional food. You receive the blueprints for the hydroelectric power plant as a reward for completion.


Eco WalkthroughEdit

  1. Choose the Eco faction. Most islands don't have coal, and the ones who do have a supply of less than 1000t.
  2. By relocating all needs production on other islands (even tea and health food), you save space and energy on the main island.
  3. Complete missions for the NPCs, they will give you island/ark upgrades concerning energy. Devi will eventually give you a blueprint for a hydroelectric power plant.
  4. Build up until you reach 600 Eco Executives, which will give you access to the solar towers.
  5. The Tech city doesn't have to be big, because you only need 50 researchers. 20 houses are more than sufficient to provide Ascention Rights for Researchers. Save the building of the city until the last moment.
  6. Once you have met all other criteria, spam your main island with solar towers and (offshore) wind parks. Combined with the hydroelectric power plant you will reach 1500 power easily.

Tycoon WalkthroughEdit

  1. Choose the tycoons. There is only a little coal, but it's enough to get your production going. You can visit one of the NPC arks and acquire a Coal Probe for 148 licences to boost your coal supply by 6,000 tonnes.
  2. Get up to Tycoon Engineers, you can buy Vegetable seeds from one of the arks.
  3. Settle the island down in the south-west, and place two uranium mines, and two fuel rod factories.
  4. Do the Scientific Expedition quest for Devi to receive the hydroelectric power plant blueprint.
  5. Fill up your storage on your populated island with fuel rods.
  6. Place two nuclear power plants, and begin buillding the tech outpost (buy carbon from Devi as needed).

Video GuideEdit

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Let's Play Walkthrought Miracle in Danger - Long-Distance Supply09:28

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Let's Play Walkthrought Miracle in Danger - Long-Distance Supply

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