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Note: these are the standard keys. You can change them in the options menu of the game.

Rotate Building clockwise .
Rotate Building anticlockwise ,
Change Building Model C
Upgrade House U
Scroll forwards Up arrow key
Scroll backwards Down arrow key
Scroll left Left arrow key
Scroll right Right arrow key
Rotate camera clockwise Y
Rotate camera counter-clockwise X
Point camera north Home
Zoom in Page Up
Zoom out Page Down
Camera Zoom Levels F2, F3, F4
Delete Building and units Delete
Postcard view F1
Camera to last event Space
Disable interface I
Display subtitles CTRL+T
Open Construction Menu B
Speed up game NUM+
Slow game down NUM-
Pause P
Quicksave F5
Quickload F9
Toggle through all ships TAB
Toggle through idle ships Q
Toggle through ships without moving camera SHIFT+TAB
Dive T
To Surface Z
Unload everything from the vehicle L
Pipette N
Functions database (e.g. increased speed without holding + key) F11
See the influence area of a building (and others of its sort) Shift
Stop/start all buildings of its kind

(when pressing the 'pause/resume production' icon)


Build multiple houses (first select house and select starting location)

Drag mouse

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