Info-ctr-icon Information Center SAAT logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon3,000 · Building modules 10 · Tools 15 · Carbon 15
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon -15 · Energy-icon -10
Size 6x5
Hitpoints 2500
Influence Radius 26 tiles
Produces Channel tech 1Channel tech 2Channel tech 3Channel tech 4Channel tech 5
Unlock 600 Researchers (normal game)

1200 Researchers (Deep Ocean expansion)

The Information Center is a Tech building that fulfills the need for information. Tech Researchers (level 2) desire them for satisfaction to continue moving in. In combination with the channels available, this building can consume up to 17 power for a public building. This is the Tech variation of the Eco building Education Network and the Tycoon building Ministry of Truth.

The Information Center provides 5 channels with differing benefits. All Channels affect residences within the influence of the Information Building.

  • S.A.A.T. - Research in Focus: The first available channel that satisfies the need for information. It's free of extra maintenence and energy.
  • Work and Life: Satiesfies the Need for Information, as well as reducing the Population Growth Period and increasing Tax Income. This channel provides a slight increase in taxes. It costs an additonal 30 income and 8 energy. Unlocked at 1 Lab Assistant.
  • Ideas, Theses, Theories: Satisfies the Need for Information and increases Productivity in Research facilities for all Tech Residences within its influence. More precisely, it increases the contribution of Tech population to Scientific Curiousity by 25%. It costs an additional 45 income and 8 energy. Unlocked at 1 Researcher.
  • Safety in Research: Satisfies the Need for Information and increases the Catastrophe Protection against Fire. This channel makes fires less likely. It costs an additional 45 income and 8 energy. Unlocked at 1 Researcher.
  • Space-Saving Tips: Satisfies the Need for Information and increases the Living Space of Tech Residences. This channel increases the capacity of all houses within its radius by 12%. It costs an additional 90 income and 8 energy. Unlocked at 750 Researchers.
  • The population increase from the Space-Saving Tips channel will provide a greater tax increase than the Work and Life channel, but the increased population will have to be supported. Also, the increased population will help boost the Scientific Curiosity of Labs and Academies.

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