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Without MonumentEdit

Eco Tyco logos

Phase 1 - Early Game

Houses early planned layout
Houses early planned layout ingame

Phase 2 - Mid Game

Houses midgame layout

Mid Game Town (No Emergency)

This should be one of the most cost-effective designs to unlock Monuments. However, it does not use Emergency Buildings - in case of a catastrophe, you need to demolish a few houses or build emergency facilities outside of the town (use a Depot if needed).

Build Order

  1. City Center + 18 Houses

    This unlocks activity need @144 Workers.

  2. Other Buildings from Phase 1

    This is 1 House before unlocking Information Need @750 Employees

  3. Green (numbered) Houses from Phase 2 + Public Buildings as needed + Depots as needed

    For Roads

  4. Red (*) Houses

    For Workers + Employees

  5. Blue (w) Houses

    For Workers Only





Phase 1:







Phase 2:













@1200 Executives, Monuments should be unlocked, so you can demolish the City Center + a few houses and build a Foundation. Once the monument is completed, you can replace other public buildings with houses or emergencies...

This design is 51x48 tiles, but after building a Monument you can build outside this area.

Need for




Unlocks at


City Center





Concert Hall Casino



144 Workers


Education Network Ministry of Truth



750 Employees

Participa- tion

Congress Center Financial Center



1200 Engineers


Eco Monument



1200 Executives


Tycoon Monument



1200 Executives

Eco Houses

Eco logo

Idyllic Eco City Design
Idyllic Eco City Design By The Purple Whale
  • All residents are satisfied and all possible disasters covered.
  • During Early game shield generators can be replaced with either wind turbines or weather stations.
Eco Tyco logos

167 houses 1240 Exectives City

Minor upgraded layout from DeathApril's one.

You don't need any outside Depots, Only 2 Concert Halls.

Total of 167 Houses

34 Worker houses
54 Employee houses
48 Engineer houses
31 Exective houses

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo


DeathAprils layout with a bit more detail.

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo


Tycoon Clover Colony by K3oki

Almost the same layout as Clover Colony MKII but adapted for Tycoons.

Houses Eco Tyco logos

Hydrogen City

Hydrogen City (Early Stages) Intended for smaller islands and start-up islands. Fills most medium-sized islands. Useful to get all building plans fast. Can combine Tycoon/Eco, but only one final class per faction. Some roads are necessary but out of City Center range. Use depots temporarily to build the roads. (Tip during construction: Make roadplan first).

Eco Tyco logos

167 houses 1320 Exectives with Swapping Technique

Total of 167 Houses

(But have more Engineers,Exectives as if it would have 177 houses)

26 Worker houses
57 Employee houses
51 Engineer houses
33 Exective houses

Reminder : With +12 % Living Space,You can reach 1400+ Exectives.

How to build ?

Phase 1.
Build Phase 1 City,

then upgrade all Workers to Employees/Engineers.

Phase 2.
To build more houses, you need to open-up spaces.

Now, Time is the Key, Hurry.

Demolish Communication Center and Place-Holder.
Build (4+6) Worker houses as temporary dwelling there.

At this point, Engineers will get mad and start leaving, just ignore and hurry.

Now you have total of 177 houses, upgrade all Workers to Employees as soon as possible.

Phase 3.

Make sure you have got (62+79) Employees,Engineers.

Demolish (4+6) worker houses,  re-build Communication Center.

Whenever build your 1st Congress Center.

Eco logo

Housing layout with 5 Thermal Power stations

Thermal Power Layout

This layout with 5 Thermal Power Stations, 4 running at 100%, one at 90% (the most left one). It is designed to only need one Education Network. Start from the left and work your way to the second City Center. Build Thermal Power Stations as you need power. Activate Better Living to get the topleft and downright from 90% to 100%. This will give you a net power of +283Energy-icon and 1408 Executives.

Eco Houses

Eco logo

Eco City
2012-05-28 000120

Housing design without a monument. It is nice and symmetrical and you can just build one City Centre to begin with. You need to add eight houses on the outskirts to get 1400 executives, as the basic version houses 1360. I don't use emergency buildings, but it is very easy to add them around the edges. All of the Engineer Apartments have access to the Congress Centre, but not all of the houses do. Education coverage is 100% though. As is, it has 160 houses;

  • 34 Executive Mansions
  • 42 Engineer Apartments
  • 52 Employee Houses
  • 32 Worker Barracks

And 3,446 citizens;

  • 1,360 Executives
  • 1,050 Engineers
  • 780 Employees
  • 256 Workers

I haven't tried it with Tycoons, but it should work just as well. Enjoy!

Eco Houses

Eco logo

Simple city layout
Simple city layout firestation

Simple City Layout

Consist of 200 houses.Edit

Eco logo

  • Police coverage: 100%
  • Hospital coverage: 96%
  • Fire station coverage: 98%
  • Concert Hall coverage: 100%
  • Education Network coverage: 100%

The second image shows you how to make Fire station coverage 100%.

Eco Tyco logos

158 houses Thermal Power Plant City

Total of 158 Houses

32 Worker houses
51 Employee houses
75 Engineer houses

With micro-management, All 4 plants can run@90% (550 residents) with Engineers. you need to upgrade manually selected pink houses to Engineers.

(Top-left Plant needs 17+ Engineers, Top-right 17+

Bottom-left 16+ , Bottom-right 19+.)

When Exectives age arrived, keep every plant have                       7+ Exectives,so that All plants run @ 100% (650 residents).

Without Micro-management (random upgrading),                  Each plants may run @80-90% in Engineer age,                  run @90-100% in Exective age.

Eco Tyco logos

Optimal Layouts for Small Islands: 1408 Executives with one city center

These layouts maximize space, population, and income with only one city center, one congress/financial center, one TV station, and two concert halls/casinos. This allows you to reach 1408 Executives for either faction, enough to unlock everything.

There is no crime, fire, or sickness coverage, though it is easy to add those around the edges as needed. Hospitals and fire stations cover even the innermost residences; police stations don't, so you'll have to destroy four houses from the outermost ring to place the station when needed. This is a very small price to pay.

Warning: to build some of the outer roads you will need depots around the edges, which may be a problem on very small islands. When you lay down your city center, be sure to leave 2-3 tiles in every direction on every side.

Fully upgraded Eco or Tycoon town: 272 workers, 842 employees, 1344 engineers, 1408 executives (with Living Space +12% TV program).


Layout from above. Total: 168 residences.


Fully upgraded. 3866 total population, 8046 tax income.

Also feel free to check out my Optimal Tech Layout for Small Islands on the Tech Housing Layouts page!

With MonumentEdit

Eco logo

Phase 1 - Pre-Monument:

Eco Monument Build Phase1

Phase 2 - Post-Monument:


2013-01-12 00004

Eco Monument Build.

Made in 2 stages for easy transition from 1 phase to the next. Only minor changes required.

Phase 1 has no emergency buildings implemented. So be cautious. Final phase does include them.

Final phase consists of a whopping 404 residences! Also has emergency buildings now in place.

  • Hospital coverage: 93%
  • Fire coverage: 93%
  • Police coverage: 92%

Made this in game. It's a beauty.

80x82 As a square

Houses Eco logo

Diagram of a city

Corridor (Early Stages) This layout is for large islands and offers the players the ability to maximize the use of the housing range from the Town Center (formerly Market Square in Anno 1404) giving a large population easily handling all stages of worker advancement and demand for products, and can be extended to cover the island, I also tend to build emergency buildings only when they're needed because they take up a lot of funds/space (i usually build my road layout first, so i know what area i will need to save and plan the rest of the production buildings around the area) Diagrams are under- construction

Houses Eco Tyco logos

Cornrow Universal

Universal Cornrow This is a Universal Layout for Monument. Very similar to the Clover Colony uploaded by Holce. I implemented this variation before I found this site though, and so the design is entirely my own - great minds think alike I guess. I have tested this design (and the early stage variation) in play to confirm it is capable of doing what I say. Both with Eco and Tycoon homes (though with an Eco Monument in both cases). In one practical implementation, almost 1/4 of the circle was lost (due to terrain) and I was still able to make it a monument city. It is a very resiliant design. It also generates a net positive power level, to help power interests outside the city boundries. I have also successfully melded TWO of these circles together on the same island and the Cornrow design made it VERY easy to meld the two together despite significant overlapping area.

This design gives 100% Police and Hospital coverage, the 4 yellow houses in the image do not have Fire or Information coverage (However, I always leave them at the lowest level of developement, so if they burn I just replace them, and their tax value is not significant enough to warrent the channel benefits).

I include 6 thermal generators in this design to provide positive power output. All 6 can EASILY be brought to 100% by upgrading the houses around them. They also support the growing seed city quite well, even at less than 100% effeciency.

Including the 6 generators, this design fits 376 Houses (the same as the Universal Clover by Cheata with 6 generators, but with better security coverage.) Removing the 6 generators (and one of the roads around the hospital in the rows with 2 generators) provides space for 16 more homes - 4 more than Cheata's universal clover, and brings the 4 yellow houses within range of the information center (I believe). Non-generator version never actually tested in real gameplay by myself.

Additionally, with the exception of the top and bottom roads (for the houses they feed) the "border" road is unnecessary and can be left off if terrain interferes, or to allow a more seemless integration into production buildings built right up to the houses (which I do frequently).

One of the PRIMARY benefits with the cornrow design over that of the universal clover is the EASE of layout planning. I LITERALLY place a city center, build a long road on either side (which I call a rib) then demolish the city center and place new ones next to those ribs to create the next ribs. I then overlay the the city on those ribs in my mind, find my center ribs (the 4 longest roads in the center) and build my boundry road from there (placing and demolishing city centers as needed). Once that is done, I know where everything goes, and I lay down the first 4 city centers or the monument and start building up my city.

Please enjoy - I have found this design to be incredibly helpful in my games. (PS: I have never actually attempted to implement the design with a Tycoon monument, Tycoon Houses yes, but not the monument. However, one should be able to replace the Eco monument easily, and allow for additional houses to be easily added to the edges should one desire to fully utilize the increased radius.


Eco Tyco logos

StartCornrow Universal

Universal Cornrow Seed (Or Early Stages Version) This is the Seed (or early) version of the Universal Cornrow (Above), which can be used to reach the monument with emergency and service buildings being placed as you develop (except for fire, which I leave out of the seed city, as I can easily demolish houses and place fire services as needed in response to emergencys, but which are easily added in place of demolished city center/concert halls in the final version. They exist in the finished version only because I like the final product to be maintenance free). All houses created in the seed city remain in the final monument version, and as city halls and other service buildings are replaced by momunement services, more houses (and fire departments) are added seemlessly in their place. The seed city MORE than meets the required Executives needed to finish the monument.

The black houses are not placed in the seed city, because of lack of coverage, but can be placed once the monument foundation is placed.

Further, if you do not have a depot placed near enough to the monument foundation, you can easily demolish 4 houses near it and place a depot while the monument is being constructed, then demolish the depot and rebuild the houses once construction completes.

The space for the monument is left empty because I do not want to destroy houses or anything to construct it. I have placed weather control stations and wind generators (which would not be needed later as developement introduces better alternatives, or increased population increase Thermal Output) in the space on many occassions.


Eco Tyco logos

FLC Universal

Universal Clover This is a Universal Layout for Monument. Heavily Plagerised from the Clover Colony uploaded by Holce.

Other than the actual layout of the houses the main difference is the location of the information center. Its new position allows for one extra house per quadrant and gives better coverage.

In order to complete the roads round the edges you may need to use Town Centers or Warehouses to unlock the build area. these can be removed upon completion

Although i dont tend to use them i have marked in possible locations for the Thermal Generators. It should be noted that not all locations should be used at once because of overlaping and the havoc it would play with the roads

Assuming you use the same number of Thermal Generators this design will support 12 more houses than Holce's Clover Design.


Eco Tyco logos

FLC Universal BuildUp

Universal Clover (Early Stages) This is a basic idea of how you should start the Universal clover if you dont want to make a seperate colony before you work up to the monument

The 4 Town Centers located at the edges are only used to keep the population happy while you place the Monument. They can be used from the start but its usually eaiser to build from the center out.

This layout should support enough people to complete your first monement however if you get stuck just extend the edges out to fill the normal Universal Clover design once you have placed the base for the monument

Varations on this design can be used to build up Holce's Clover Design in the same way.


Eco Tyco logos

Compact City

Compact City Block This layout is ideal when your working with limited space or small to medium islands. With 1 of these fully constructed you can get "Eco Tested Numbers":

  • 1,056 Executives
  • 1,064 Engineers
  • 656 Employees
  • 168 Workers
  • 124 Residences
  • Over 7k Tax Income

The trade Depos on the corners allow Needs Buildings to be placed outside the City Center radius as well as some additional roads.

This design allows you to reach Tech requirements and almost a Monument. Building two of these will achieve that goal.

This modular design also allows for the block to repeat vertically with slight shift of the police station to center between the stack. Just picture the bottom sets of information and police buildings becoming the top of the next Block.

It is also possible to stack sideways with the Information building being the center of the two cities.

Basically gets the job done and isn't a complicated headache!

Eco Houses

Eco logo



Lothlorien S

Lothlorien - Simplified

"Lothlorien" Lothlorien means "Dream Flower" - look closely and you may see a blooming flower. :) The basic concept is similar to (but not based on) the Clover Colony design - IMO a bit of an improvement in terms of aesthetics (the 4-house squares on the north and south sides of the Leisure Center can be used for ornamental buildings instead).

The MAIN difference between this and the Clover Colony design is the FULL emergency coverage. All houses in this layout receive complete emergency services, and like the Clover Colony MKII layout, the Information buildings cover all but 4 of the buildings.

"Lothlorien" - Simplified Version

Basically the same as the standard version, with a more geometrical layout for ease of planning (also slightly more compact on the north and south sides)

The Lothlorien Layout is tested and supports:

376 Houses

608 Workers

1800 Employees

2700 Engineers

2880 Executives

Eco Houses

Eco logo


"SYMMETRION" This symmetrical layout providing your city some avenues is planned to give you extra space for houses from demolishing after the monument is built and fully functional.

Any build order can be used, better start it from positioning the whole layout alongside the island's coastline. Mind the total length and width respectively.

The number of houses the layout shows on plan equals to 256, while demolishing brings you extra 84 houses with a total of 340 (without population enhancements) that should fit ok in most islands except small islands.

Demolishing and it's results in houses are shown in blue numbers on the layout along with the comment "DEL" in the appropriate building names.

Roads are in grey colour while some empty spaces shown as white spaces should not be covered by anything until filled with residences and roads after demolishing.

Try & Enjoy!

Eco Houses

Eco logo

Eco leisure center max houses v2

(Version 2)

Leisure Center Colony A colony design centered around a Leisure Center that maximizes houses while still remaining 100% emergency safe. Fully grown this settlement has: 712 + 2130 + 3200 + 3360 = 9402 inhabitants. This can be boosted to over 10000 by setting the Educational Networks to provide more living space (note that this will result in lower overall tax yield due to increased maintenance cost).

[Sidenote: The Leisure Center seems to satisfy public needs of tycoon citicens too, thus it should be possible to use this layout to build a tycoon colony.]

Eco Houses

Eco logo

Four leaves clover

Clover colony The name come from the way houses naturaly upgrade. They seem to prefere the four security blocks to the Leisure Centure. The result look like a four leaves clover. But in this case the thermal power station will only work at about 80%. To ensure 100% you need two manually upgrade houses to be sure all power station is surrounding by engineers houses except for the 8 near the Leisure Centure that should be executives houses. The city produce 340 energy and consume 420(-80).

Fully grown this settlement has: 600+1785+2675+2840=7900 inhabitants. Or 75+119+107+71 houses. Fire station coverage is 92.5%, hospital coverage 93% and police coverage 93.5%. The Educational networks cover 91% of houses. Only the end of the four main avenue is not fully covered.

Eco Houses

Eco logo

FLC Info Coverage

Clover Colony MKII

This layout is essentailly identical to the prevous one uploaded by Holce, Except that the info centers have been shifted.

Doing this allows the Info Centers to cover more area. In Fact there are only 4 houses missing coverage. In addition you get 4 extra houses into the design instead of the 4 wind turbines.

Eco Houses

Eco logo


mushroom cap

Mushroom town (cap)

A layout design to maximize efficiency of building in term of coverage and number. The layout can fit in a medium island and unlock all Eco building. Fully grown this settlement has: 376+1110+1675+1760=4921 inhabitants, or 47+74+67+44=232 houses. The two thermal power stations have 100% productivity with 99% fire station coverage, 95% hospital coverage and 93% police coverage.

The construction is not easy, the city center block is 11x12 and the central block 9x23 (7 houses + 2 roads). You should start building a city center block, reserve space for the central block and add as soon as possible the second city center block. After that, with exception of the thermal power stations, it should be easy. Adding the power stations disconnect some houses. The connection is made by the road around the police station at the bottom.

The police station and fire station at the bottom and some road need building area extension. Without extension the two security building cannot be build, but the roads don't disconnect houses from a city center. You can replace the two security building by a lone fire station, and only reduce police coverage to 79%.

Eco Houses

Eco logo


mushroom stem

Mushroom town (stem)

This layout is the complement of the mushroom. Its size make it difficult to build on a smal map. it add 55% population.

Stem only: Fully grown this settlement (no executives) has: 376+495+1200=2071 inhabitants with 88% fire station coverage and 81% hospital coverage. Police coverage is irrelevant because police station is unlocked by executive. This population is just enough to unlock all engineer's building.

complete mushroom: Fully grown this settlement has: 576+1740+2600+2720=7636 inhabitants with 95% fire station coverage, 90% hospital coverage and 91% police coverage.

By adding the four pale sécurity buildings the coverage become 99.5% , 99.5% and 96%.

Eco Houses Eco logo


Future Plans for Leisure Center Foundation Building Layout 1st Phase Preview: File:Screenshot0013.jpg

2nd Phase Preview: File:Screenshot0034.jpg ?

On the 2nd phase I recommend to keep the Education Network its only 6x6 tiles it adds 17% more population capacity on each houses

Eco Houses

Eco logo

Phase 1 - Pre-monument

ECO Residence Layout Phase 1

Phase 2 - Post monument

ECO Residence Layout Phase 2

Large Eco City This large Eco city has potential for growth which is realized depending on playing situation. I intentially left kept service buildings at a minimum so a player can choose to cover the uncovered areas (gray), situationally place service buildings, or eliminate uncovered houses.

Emphasis was placed on public buillding coverage to maximize income as well as Phase 2 maximum occupation.

There is room for more houses on the outskirts, but as depicted, this layout accomodates 346 residences as follows:

  • 560 Tier 1 Residents (workers)
  • 1665 Tier 2 Residents
  • 2475 Tier 3 Residents
  • 2640 Tier 4 Residents (executives)
  • 7340 Total Residents

Adding the additional houses on the outskirts will increase that significantly.

Phase 1:

  • Build a road around the center to accomodate the monument (12 x 16). You will want at least 29 squares from including the road on each side of the monument space.
  • Build the worker houses, town centers, and roads according to the Phase 1 layout.
  • Upgrade buildings by working your way out from in.
  • Place public and service buildings as they become available.
  • When the monument becomes available, you will need to place a depot somewhere on the path. Unlike Venice (1404) the monument workers will retrieve materials from a depot within its range. Almost anywhere on the outer perimeter will be in range.

Phase 2:

  • Once the monument has been constructed, destroy the public buildings that have been made redundant by the monument (concert halls, town centers, and congress).
  • Destroy the roads removed from the Phase 2 layout.
  • Place houses in the empty areas.
  • Upgrade as desired.

Eco Houses

Eco logo

5 Point Star
5 Point Star Seed

Five Point Star

Most designs are based on a six building distribution in order to cover all houses, or use four buildings to maximise house count.

This design is based on a five building design as a middle ground of high house count but still maintain very good coverage. The ethos is an efficient, minimalist, elegant and uncluttered design.

Quick stats:

  • 405 Houses with educational networks (optional)
  • 421 Houses if Educational Networks are not used (optional)
  • Police coverage is 98%
  • Hospital coverage is 97%
  • Fire coverage is 98%

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo



A symmetrical layout that provides 100% full emergency coverage for all houses. The Information centers cover all but 12 of the residences.

Try and enjoy!

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo


"SYMMETRION" This symmetrical layout providing your city some avenues is planned to give you extra space for houses from demolishing after the monument is built and fully functional.

Any build order can be used, better start it from positioning the whole layout alongside the island's coastline. Mind the total length and width respectively.

The number of houses the layout shows on plan equals to 280, while demolishing brings you extra 84 houses with a total of 364 (without population enhancements) that should fit ok in most islands except small islands.

Demolishing and it's results in houses are shown in blue numbers on the layout along with the comment "DEL" in the appropriate building names.

Roads are in grey colour while some empty spaces shown as white spaces should not be covered by anything until filled with residences and roads after demolishing.

Try & Enjoy!

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo

Phase 1 - Pre-monument

TYC Residence Layout Phase 1

Phase 2 - Post monument

TYC Residence Layout Phase 2

Large Tycoon City This layout offers 100% security against fire, crime, and disease. Because it is designed for maximum number of residents after Phase 1, the destructible buildings are positioned unusually to ensure that road space is at a minimum after the monument is built.

This layout is good for situational plays but requires a large island for building. Based on island size you will most likely have depots already positioned to allow road construction for areas not covered by the original town centers. If not, you may place and destroy them after use, or if you're not playing with refundable building costs, you may want to consider strategic depot placements.

After Phase 2, there is room for (without population enhancements) 394 residences, composed of at least:

  • 632 Tier 1 Residents (workers)
  • 1890 Tier 2 Residents
  • 2850 Tier 3 Residents
  • 3000 Tier 4 Residents (executives)
  • 8372 Total Residents

The garbage compacters are optional, and if removed will increase the potential population.

Phase 1:

  • Build a road around the center to accomodate the monument (18 x 13). You will want at least 32 squares from including the road on each side of the monument space.
  • Build the worker houses, town centers, and roads according to the Phase 1 layout.
  • Upgrade buildings surrounding the compacters first, and then work your way out from in.
  • Place public and service buildings as they become available.
  • When the monument becomes available, you will need to place a depot somewhere on the path. Unlike Venice (1404) the monument workers will retrieve materials from a depot within its range. I prefer to place the depot on either the north or south between the police station and the resident building.

Phase 2:

  • Once the monument has been constructed, destroy the public buildings that have been made redundant by the monument (casinos, town centers, and financial centers).
  • Destroy the roads removed from the Phase 2 layout.
  • Place houses in the empty areas.
  • Upgrade as desired.

Vandari (talk) 01:31, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo


Future Plans for Corporate Headquarters Foundation Building Layout City Preview: File:E.jpg

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo

Security ring city

Ring City

Ring City layout A layout design to maximize efficiency of building in term of coverage and number. Four security buildings have a bigger influence area than the monument. But little circles fit badly in bigger one. I decided to use 5 buildings of each layout in circle. A bit of trigo to find a good radius, an other bit of trigo to determine the coordinates, a bit of mind game to layout houses and ring city was borne.

97.5% fire station coverage, 97.5% hospital coverage, 98.5% police coverage and 95.5% information coverage.

Fully grown this settlement has: 656+1980+2950+3120=8706 inhabitants.

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo


Layout by TecArmsdev

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo


Mega-Tycoon city Layout By Ish-


MegaTycoon City Seed by Ish-

Mega-Tycoon City

Forget aesthetics, double roads, and unneeded buildings. I stuffed this layout with as many residences as possible, then deleted roads and shifted rows to add even more. After that, Emergency and Information buildings fell almost flawlessly into place. Not 100% emergency coverage, but the buildings are placed so you can easily add the required buildings on the outside in the event that a disaster does occur. The outside outlining road is a must so keep that in mind when making space for this city. 474 residences, 490 if you remove the Information buildings. Population is 760 + 2280 + 3375 + 3680.

Mega-Tycoon City Seed

After heavy usage, this is the easiest build route I came up with. Depot locations are just suggested here so that the outside road is complete. Vaguely resembling a Fan or Propeller, I usually start with the either the left or right blade and completely max out the that city center's capacity. By then, I usually have enough population to get me to tier 2 residents. After that, I move counterclockwise. Because this is such a big city, it has far more population than you'll need to unlock all the buildings for a certain tier, so manual growth control is recommended. Also, to see if it will fit on an island, the left and right city centers are exactly 10 houses apart and will completely cover the post-monument city's width.

Anyways, I hope you find this useful, I do this build even if I don't intend to build a monument as it gives very nice money.

Tycoon Houses Tycoon logo

Mickey mouse transition stage 1
Mickey mouse transition stage 2
Mickey mouse transition stage 3
Mickey mouse transition Finale2-2

H2O Transition

This is one of the smoothest transitions from non-monument to monument stage of the game, and it requires almost no demolitons. Very simple and easy to memorize. Also the layout is designed to use minimun amount of public buildings in order to save upkeep. Add/replace emergency buildings as required in the specified spots or outside layout.


Build standard round housing block, but leave space for public buildings. Only one horizontal road needed.

Stage 2

Expand to the side, the construction area of the City Centre intersects by 1 square (at the road). The second Financial Center is optional. The Casinos should be on the "outer" side and the Ministries on the "inside". Remove a bit of road next to City centre to make room for FC, but connect road on the outside. Add the third Casino in the middle if you like.

Stage 3

Found the Corporate Headquarters in the middle and fill the remaining space with Worker houses. Leave 3 spots for emergency structures (5x6 box). Put the 3rd Ministry in the middle above HQ.


Remove both financial centres and restore roads, leaving behind 2 6x6 free squares for emergency structures, fill in the rest of the housing. I personally keep the 5 emergency spots unoccupied, and only add emergency structures as needed (in the emergencies). The layout has a good coverage of Information, switch the Ministry to extra Living Space if you like. Try avoiding ascension to Executives on the outer sides, since the houses will devolve after removing the Financial centers.

Bounding Box Area = 99 x 95. Total 610 residences. 976 workers + 2940 employees + 4400 engineers + 4640 tycoons = 12,956 population

Efficient and funny looking, enjoy.

Houses Eco Tyco logos


Eco version


Tycoon version

Minimal Eco/Tycoon City

168 Eco/Tycoon residences. With increased living space this gives you 1408 Eco/Tycoon Executives - enough to unlock everything.

Fire and Police coverage is 100%, 2 residences are not covered by the Hospitals (can be fixed by moving the outer Hospitals nearer to the fire stations).

The gap between the central City Centers is 10 fields.

To fully support the settlement you will need:

8 Fishery
8 Tea Plantation
5 Health Food Factory
5 Electronics Factory
3 Health Drink Factory
4 Pasta Production
2 Projector Plant
3 Robot Factory

8 Fishery
10 Distillery
6 Food Supply Factory
4 Plastic Factory
3 Gourmet Factory
3 Champagne Cellar
3 Jewelry Manufacturer
3 Healthcare Office

This settlement will give you a fleet supply of 68 and can be fully supported off 1 island by buying needed resources if you have a island with only faction relevant fertilities. (Harder for Ecos, though)

Tycoon Houses

Tycoon logo







Tycoon Square City An aesthetic city, made in two parts.

1st part :

Start to build the little square which you can see in the bottom left-hand corner.

This place will be a landmark for you to build the rest of the city.

Once you've done it, you can continue to expand your roads and houses.

2nd part :

When your city is built, you can begin to place your monument, then remove all the red buildings.

The monument will provide all the basic needs for all your population.

You will have to accomodate some roads, nothing really hard.

This settlement provides 333 Houses, it means :

  • 536 Workers.
  • 1605 Employees.
  • 2400 Engineers.
  • 2520 Executives.

So, you will have a full population of 7061 Residents.

(Without the +12% living place)

  • 100% Police coverage.
  • 100% Fire station coverage.
  • 99% Hospital coverage. (Due to 4 houses not covered)
Tycoon logo
Tycoon block

Handy Tycoon block

Handy Tycoon block

Information not available.

The Snowflake

Eco logo

Bandicam 2013-03-01 16-33-57-084
  • 100% Disaster Coverage
  • This town can easilt be fit in on small islands without any problems.
  • This town needs 6 extra depots though.
  • This design has not been toroughly tested, so I cannot tell you any numbersc


Eco Tyco logos



eco/tycoon monument

180 residence

City works best with Waste compactors(Tycoon) implemented.|

These make your Ecobalance buildings more efective.

Thermal Power Stations produces enough electricity to support all city buildings

Educational network must be set to Better Living channel. It gives you 1400+ executives

You should always keep these warehouse items in your City Island.. ( also you need 1250 geniuses to put 6 items in warehouse)

Fire StationHospitalPolice Station +30% influence radius

Public buildings power reduction -40% Monuments need lots of power

Public buildings upkeep reduction -40% Lower upkeep means more income :D

Remember that your Ark item slots can be used for better things.

Replace basic Roads with best option possible.

Try to keep your Ecobalance on your City Island +300(+500 if u can)

Ecobalance gives you more Satisfaction(taxes) Ecobalance

Thats why Waste_Compactor are so usefull here..

These will possibly make your ecobalance neutral, then you just need to use eco building Ozone Maker Station to make it positive. If you have a spare River slot use River Sewage Treatment Plant.

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