Guardian Blueprint:
Guardian 1.0
Eco SAAT logos
Combining ecology and elegance!
Construction Cost Credits-icon25,000 · Licenses-icon 500 · Tools 75 · Carbon 50 · Microchips 25 · Generator icon 2 · Filtration Plant icon 5
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon +500 ·  Balance-icon -500 · Energy-icon -250
Size 6x6
Hitpoints 3000
Influence Radius 46 tiles
Unlock Complete "The Formers" mission during "The Eden project" World Event.

The Guardian 1.0 is an extremely powerful ecobalance building released with the second World Event, "The Eden Project". It can be unlocked in the Academy after completion of the first event's mission, The Formers. Once unlocked, it can be built in any Academy in blueprint form, similar to the hydroelectric power plant, but it does not require any special places to be built on and can be placed on any island. Due to the fact that its energy consumption is identical to the energy consumed by the River Sewage Plant, the Guardian is better to use if you want a boom in the Ecobalance.

See also: Keeper 1.0 (S.A.A.T. version of the Guardian)


  • At 500% efficiency, the Academy takes 5 minutes to complete the module. However, any of its upgrades will build in 24 minutes each.



Most upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Warehouse-slot-icon Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small GuardianConstruction plan Construction plan: Guardian 1.0
Allows the construction of a Guardian 1.0.
Combining ecology and elegance! Credits-icon 25,000 · Licenses-icon 250 · Carbon 75 · Microchips 50 · Filtration Plant icon 5 · Generator icon 2

Ark-icon Gold star small GuardianEnergy cost Guardian 1.0 Automation Influence area: -20% Environmental protection is finally affordable! Credits-icon 16,500 · Licenses-icon 350 · Carbon 35 · Microchips 50 · Control Module icon 2 · 60519 1

Ark-icon Gold star small GuardianInfluence radius Guardian 1.0 high-perform. fibers Energy-icon: -20% Good for nature! Good for the electricity bill! Credits-icon 8,500 · Licenses-icon 150 · Carbon 20 · Microchips 25 · Generator icon 2

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small GuardianMultiple effects Guardian 1.0 Converter upgrade Energy-icon: -40% Influence area: -40% Mother Nature will love you! Credits-icon 58,500 · Licenses-icon 1,150 · Carbon 120 · Microchips 175 · Guardian 2 · Guardian 2

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