GlblTrustTrimaran Icon Global Trust Inc. Trimaran SAAT Tycoon logos
Unit Type Submarine
Construction Cost Credits-icon N/A · Building modules N/A · Carbon N/A
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon 0  · Ship-icon ???
HP 100
Cargo Holds 4 x 40 tons
Item Slots 2
Attack Power -/-/-
Build Time N/A

The Global Trust Inc. Trimaran is a submarine used by Tycoon NPCs and Dr. Tori Bartok. The trimaran is almost exactly the same as the T38: same speed, same cargo capacity, and same speed loss when full. However, the Global Trust Trimaran has fewer hitpoints, no EMP bonus, and absolutely no maintenance costs. It can only be aquired by hijacking.

The ship will remain idle when assigned to a Trade Route. This is probably caused by a bug.

GTTrimaran Info2

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