Ghost Hunter is the first bonus mission of the Development Package DLC.

Difficulty: Medium (Gold starGold star)


  • Help Josh Steen the inventor to regain his memory.
  • The ingenious inventor Josh Steen was in process of delivering the first working prototype of an Eden Former to Yana Rodriguez when he was suddenly attacked by persons unknown. He miraculously survived the attack. However the former itself was destroyed, and its inventor is now suffering from amnesia.


  • Help Josh regain his memories
    • Save him from open sea and heal him at Hospital.
  • Find his attackers
    • Recover 5 crates of flotsam and 4 crates from underwater wreckage of Josh's ship, build a Port Authority to study them, then destroy the enemy warfleet.



  • ChAch "Do you believe in ghosts?" achievement at your player's profile.
  • Title: Ghost Hunter


Despite the fact that it is a medium-difficulty mission, it is actually quite simple to complete. All of your Eco population Needs can be satisfied on your main island, other then a Vegetable fertility requiring the purchase of seeds. Tycoons however, need an additional island for Oil. Hector will patrol the sector occasionally attacking transport ships, if you use them, but he won't attack your base. An enemy warfleet will patrol an area around Josh's ship crash and Yana's Ark, so be careful if you decide to visit her.


Pick up Josh from the open sea and deliver him to your island's warehouse. Then pick up the flotsam of 5 crates from Josh's ship and return them to your island. The quest objective requires you to build a Port Authority to inspect the flotsam, so it's time to settle some inhabitants. The Port Authority will become available at Eco Employees (level 2).

After that Yana asks you about 2 things. Recover 4 objects from Josh's ship wreckage located underwater and build a Hospital for him, and destroy the enemy fleet responsible for sinking Josh's ship. This fleet consists of a weakened Commando Ship, 2 Raiders, a Viper and a Colossus. There is no way to do so with with only your Commando Ship, so Yana offers you a deal. Deliver 25 tons of Building Modules and 25 tons of Iron to her Ark in exchange for a T38 Ocean Glider. Rufus Thorne will ask you to deliver these goods to his Ark instead in exchange for 3 Vipers.

  • If you choose a submarine - you'll be able to recover underwater items for Yana's main quest without having to purchase Tech blueprints. You'll still need to build a warfleet to fight enemy.
  • If you choose the Vipers, you can fight pirates in the area and even defeat the enemy warfleet, but you'll still need to upgrade your population to the 3rd level to obtain a submarine and Hospital.

Building 3 Vipers will cost 9,000 credits + materials. Acquiring a submarine will cost you 10,000 credits for Tech blueprints and 5,000 credits for the Trimaran. The choice is up to you.

Expand your settlement to unlock all of their needs, then buy Vegetable seeds from Yana's Ark (be careful - enemy war fleet is nearby) and plant them on your main island. Build both Goods Needs production chains, and complete them with Information building.

The rest is quite simple: destroy enemy fleet (if you didn't do this before), recover underwater items and build a Hospital. That's all.

Walkthrough Supplement; Playing as Eco. Applies to accepting Yana's quest giving you a T38. This also frees up the command ship for trade route duty to the island just S/W for Pasta dishes for an added challenge. You can get Veg. seeds from Rufus close by. Soon as Yana delivers the T38, the enemy fleet patrolling the area will try to sink the sub. The fleet has a Viper so just haul it outta there, they seem to give up the chase. Now, you'll need a small production line for iron, tools & ammo. Before you go for warships I suggest a port authority for a shipyard and repair dock in the area just S/E of the harbor and two turrets. Hector pays a visit and can try to hijack your sub if you let it sit idle by the ark. Build up about a 1/2 dozen Hovercraft for speed - hit and run attacks on Hectors patrols and wipe out the enemy fleet one by one. They will usually concentrate on one of your ships so as soon as it gets near 50% damage scoot out and let the damaged ship be repaired. The enemy fleet stays near Yana's ark so forget trying to draw them into your turrets. You can skip the turrets if you want to chance it with Hector. Speaking of, one of the recovered goods from destroying Hectors patrol ships can turn out to be a hijack item. Might as well trade it off since you can't hijack an enemy ship from a quest. If you go for a minimalist build up for tax base remember battles burn against your credits.

This route usually makes this quest the ending to the mission. That's fine since they don't need to be completed in order. No points are awarded for this mission.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Bonus Mission Ghost Hunter11:01

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Bonus Mission Ghost Hunter


Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin

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