Freefall is the third and final mission of the Global Distrust World Event. It is the most difficult mission in the event with a 75% tax reduction.


  • Achieve 1000 Tycoon executives.
  • Sell 100,000 credits worth of goods (Do not buy goods, because this increases the amount you must sell.)


  • 300 career points (with a faction of your choice)
  • Formula: Energy renovation


Method 1Edit

Settle the island to the right of your Ark, build everything on this island until you reach the Engineer level.

As soon as you start, and during the game make use of the Request quest action on the diplomacy screen with Rufus, Yana and Devi, as you will need the extra credits and licences.

When you get enough licenses, buy Vegetable Seeds and use them on your main island.

Settle the small island to the right of your main island, the one with Truffle, Sugar, Vegetables and Lobsters, this island has the resources to get to the Executive level later, so you can't afford losing it to other players.

As soon as you settle on your main island, construct an additional Rotary Excavator, and use your Commando Ship to make a trade route with Vadim, that will make him happy and give you good supply of money through trade. Use the ship for any other mission and then resume the route until you get your Shipyard.

When you are able to build a Shipyard, make a trade ship to replace your Commando Ship. Use the new trade ship to continue trade with Vadim and sell the excess Sand to him.

If any of your resources become exhausted, save your game and use the refresh button on the other players Arks or Depots only once to see if you can get what you need. If you don't get what you need load the game again, in order not to waste all your money.

When you reach Engineer level, build another trade ship to start getting Luxury Meals from your second island, build the product chain there. You can sell the excess Lobsters or save it as it will probably run out before you get the scenario done. Get grape seeds and make a champagne production chain on your second island too.

When you reach Executive level, don't settle underwater plateau's to get diamonds and then jewelery. Keep expanding your city instead until you reach 1000 Executives with the resources of Engineer level. You may need to build a second city center, and deny access to the Executives on Engineer resources (luxury meal and champagne).

When you reach Executive level, sell all your construction materials (Building Blocks, Tools, Concrete and Steel), Gold, and any extra resources you have to Rufus or Trenchcoat as they usually pay more.

The above strategy allowed me to win the scenario in 6 hours and 30minutes, 30k credits at the end, and balance around -200 to -400 during the whole game.

Method 2 - Micromanagement but QuickEdit

This walkthrough is adapted from this youtube walkthrough by a player named laojze, so credit where it is due.

The main idea of this walkthrough is denying your population access to the supplies that they need to advance, but not to stay happy. In other words, deny Workers access to Liquor (you can do this by clicking on a house, going to the drink needs graph and clicking on the Liquor. The symbol turns grey and the graph remains colorless even when there is enough supply in your warehouse), deny Employees Convenience Food and Plastic and deny Engineers Wine and Luxury Food. Only give them access to these supplies when you want to advance the population to the next level.

To keep afloat during the first half hour, do quests for Thorne (center of the map), Dr. Devi (southeast) and Yana Rodriguez (northwest).


DeathApril's layout

I build my city based on DeathApril's layout. You can ignore the Fire Stations and Hospitals. They cost more and during my game I never had a fire or a plague. You can also ignore the Waste Compactors. Their maintenance cost is higher than the increased tax from happier Tycoons and increased income from farm yield.

The first step is to rush to Employees so you can build Plastics. Once you can you should build 4 chains. Remember to deny the engineers access to plastic until you want to upgrade, and sell all plastic for 130 Credits per ton to Rufus Thorne. If your warehouse is filled with tools, do not sell these but change your tools production to weapons production. Sell these to Strindberg. This will net you more cash than passively selling Tools. Start to passively sell your Fish and Liquor, with the limit set at 20 tons. This will ensure that there is enough Liquor in your warehouse for upgrading your Workers.

Build 3 chains of Convenience Food, with the Food Factories and Meat Farms on your main island (uninfluenced by ecobalance) and the Flavor Labs on a secondary island with vegetables, sugar (for Wine, later on) and truffle fertilities and lobsters (for Luxury Food, later on), northeast of your main island. These 3 chains are enough to supply all your Engineers (who need this to stay happy). Passively sell the rest, but always keep 20 tons in your warehouse, for when you need to upgrade your Employees. Build a ship for this one island.

Upgrade enough Engineers (lower the upgrade costs using the Ministry of Truth once the first Engineer moves in) so you can build the Nuclear Power Plant and claim the island to your southwest and passively buy Steel both there and on your main island. This Steel will be used for building the Champagne, Luxury Food and Fuel Rods chains, as well as upgrading to Executives. There is no need or money for setting up your own chain or changing your Tools/Weapons production to Steel. Buying is simply more cost effective, contradictory as it may sound. Once you have enough Steel, build a Uranium Mine with Fuel Rods Factory, and expand till you have three of these. Passively sell these and all your money troubles are gone.

Now it is time to build one Champagne and one Luxury Food chain. Build a Lobster Farm, two Truffle Farms and a Luxury Food Factory on the island northwest of your main island and add Luxury Food to the trading route of the existing trading ship. Passively sell Lobsters, since you'll be overproducing them 50%. Build one Sugar Farm at this island and add sugar to the trading ship as well. Now build another ship, build two Grape Farms on the island north north west of your main island (if you place these in the reach of the harbor depot, you do not need a warehouse or road connection and, better yet, no power production). Create a new trading route for your new ship and let it transport the Grapes to your main island. Build one Champagne Cellar on your main island.

When you have 20 tons of Wine and Luxury Food, release them to your Engineers and start upgrading to Executives. Remember to change the channel on your Ministry of Truth to lower the upgrading costs! Once the first Executive settles in your city, start to passively buy Jewelery immediately. When you have 25 houses (with the layout I recommended, this will be no problem at all) you will have completed the population part of the mission. Chances are you already achieved the trading part of the mission, but if you haven't, manually sell your Fuel Rods, Plastic and Weapons, followed by building materials and everything else you can miss.

Working this way, I build an ugly and undersupplied city, but reached the objectives of this mission within 2 1/2 hours, with 20k money and 800 in the red for most of the time. Good luck!


  • Always look for island upgrades that reduce maintaince cost, especially ones that reduce public building costs, as well production increasing ones, like the ones to improve fisheries and tool workshops.
  • Don't connect your power plants to your depots, build isolated excavators with only one square road connected to power plants, this way the coal trade route to Vadim can remain without messing with your power production.
  • Be minimalist, only build the necessary for the current game state, and build additional chains only to allow you to reach the Executive level, the hardest part on this scenario is to avoid bankruptcy so keep your budget down. With that in mind, don't buy expensive ships, I made the scenario with only 2 small trade ships and my commando. Use the trade ships on indispensable trade routes (Vadim for coal and sand and Engineer food and drink) and commando to secondary ones (extra material explored on the second isle, missions, and trade with Rufus and Trenchcoat).
  • During the game Vadim will give threats for 35t of coal, just stop his trade route so that your extra excavator will give it to you without disrupting anything.
  • Thor can be completly ignored as he pays less than anyone else, and with only 2 islands or military buildings he will just let you be, only trade with him, if you get weapons from quests as reward as it is the only thing that he pays more than other third parties.
  • If you happen to get resources exhausted, and don't find the apropriate refill by engineer level, start to transfer some of the extraction sites to your second island, destroy the buildings on your main island and buy new ones on the second and use the already used trade route.
  • During the game, you probably will need the following refills: 1 or 2 coal, 1 iron, 1 limestone, 1 or 2 oil, 1 basalt and 1 lobster, so if you see those on sale on the arks and at Vadim warehouse spend some licenses as they be hard to get when you really need.
  • Never get a full warehouse on any resource, sell the excess before it gets full or set it to passive trade to leave only 5 to 10 units.
  • Use the trade function on spare islands to sell any overflow from your mainland.
  • The severe tax penalty makes higher level housing barely break even, if profitable at all. However, the lowest level workers will generate income using only fisheries and booze. Building HUGE numbers of barracks will provide roughly +$1K for each major island.
  • The island southeast of your Ark (as the position it starts), is ideal for placing a chain of distilleries, to be sold to Rufus Thorne. However, if Trenchcoat is in the area he pays premium (20 credis à ton).
  • In this map there is Ebashi too, that will offer some mission but mainly will buy Uranium at an higher prices respect to the other parties; so, if you have enough credits to unlock Tech Buildings and the trimaran, you can find him and solve credits' problems with him.

Video play-through;

The style and or methods shown in these play-through videos may not show all options available and are meant as a guide or reference only.

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Global Event - Global Distrust - Freefall01:53:45

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Global Event - Global Distrust - Freefall

ANNO 2070 Global Distrust Freefall 1 236:22

ANNO 2070 Global Distrust Freefall 1 2

ANNO 2070 Global Distrust Freefall 2 235:53

ANNO 2070 Global Distrust Freefall 2 2

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