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Forced Evacuation
It is paramount that the disturbances caused by seismic activity in this sector are reduced to a minimum during the repairs. Ironically, Sokow Vadim has now started buying up the Islands and has begin drilling the first Oil wells. Tilda's intervention hasn't had any effect so far.
The drilling must be stopped immediately, but an open conflict is unthinkable. A war is the last thing this sector needs now.
Objectives Build a Financial or Convention center
Take over Sokow's Island
Focus Trade
NPCs Hiro Ebashi, Tilda Jorgensen, Vadim Sokow
Multiplayer not possible

Forced Evacuation is one of the missions from the Miracle in Danger campaign and you are to earn enough Credits to purchase the majority of Shares in Vadim Sokow's Island.

Main ObjectiveEdit

Primary Objective MAIN OBJECTIVE
Forced Evacuation

Stop Vadim Sokow's drilling for Oil by buying up his headquarters in this sector and returning it to Tilda.

  • ▶ Build a Financial-ctr-icon Financial Center or a Congress-ctr-icon Congress Center.
  • ▶ Purchase the following number of Shares in Flores:
  • ▶ Take over of Flores.

Hiro Ebashi icon "There is a risk of aftershock in the sector. The slightest shock could be enough to trigger another tidal wave!"

  • Reward:
  • All logos 200 career points


Secondary QuestsEdit

Note these quests are suggestions and not necessary for mission completion. You will receive no reward other than influence with Tilda.

Cooperative icon MOTIVATION
Savings Program

Prepare yourself for the costly takeover of Flores.

  • ▶ Accumulate 50,000 Credits.
  • ▶ Accumulate 100,000 Credits.

Tilda Jorgensen icon "The takeover will cost you a pretty pile of Credits! Better make sure you're prepared!"

Cooperative icon MOTIVATION
In the Red
  • ▶ Reach a Balance of at least +100.
  • ▶ Maintain this condition for the next 05:00 minutes.

Tilda Jorgensen icon "Hey! How do you buy my Island back with a Balance like this?"

Cooperative icon MOTIVATION
  • ▶ Command a Fleet comprising the following Ships:
    • Viper-ship-icon 3 Vipers

Tilda Jorgensen icon "Sokow will become suspicious soon! You should be prepared for the worst."

This quest you will receive from Sokow. Although you will be stabbing him in the back later, the benefits of completing this make it well worth doing.

Sokow Transnational icon Time Limit: 30:00DELIVERY
Business Partners
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Sokow's Warehouse:
    • Fish 10t Fish
    • Coal 20t Coal

Vadim Sokow icon "Transnational Sokow is always looking for investors and business partners. That could be something for you ... Right?"

  • Reward:
  • may vary.


  • It's just you, Tilda, Sokow, and Hiro in this sector. None of the three faction representatives are present.
  • Tilda will give you several quests, including one to save up 50k credits, followed by 100k credits. These are suggestions and not necessary for mission completion. She will also suggest you build several warships; again, not necessary, but not a terrible idea either.
  • Sokow will also offer you some quests, and he's not asking for much and paying pretty well, so there's no reason not to do them.
  • Both Tilda and Sokow will expand to other islands at their standard rate. There isn't much danger of running out of room in this scenario, but, the more Sokow expands, the bigger his navy will become.
  • All you really need to do to win is build a standard engineer-level city of either ecos or tycoons. No tech buildings are required, and I wouldn't recomend building any. Manage your city and economy around getting the minimum population required to build the financial / congress center.
  • Building the financial or congress center allows you to be able to start purchasing shares. If you've gotten to that point, you're probably in a good enough position to start buying shares on Sokow's island.
  • Once you have bought the second share of Sokow's island, he will threaten to declare war on you if you purchase another share. Therefore it's advised to be prepared for combat in whatever way you choose. Building a modest navy and/or protecting your ports with turrets is sufficient. Stockpiling vital supplies on your main island is also a good move.
  • Buying the third share will trigger an immediate declaration of war from Sokow. Your only true objective is to make sure you have surplus money to buy his island. You can engage him or not at your discression. Defeating Sokow's ships or destroying his island holdings is not necessary to win.
  • 10 minutes after purchasing the 3rd share, you can buy the island. This will finish the mission immediately.

Video GuideEdit

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Let's Play Walkthrought Miracle in Danger - Forced Evacuation12:10

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Let's Play Walkthrought Miracle in Danger - Forced Evacuation


Video Guide for this mission made by YouTube user Leafonthewin

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