For ScienceEdit

To earn the title Genius and player color purple. Discover the following formulas:

Spherical reactor - Nuclear Power Plant

Multifractal Positioning system - Offshore Wind Park

Flue heat Exchanger technology - Thermal Power Station

Dish-Stirling system - Solar Tower Generator

Desorption-proof container - CO2 Reservoir

Automated observation equipment - Monitoring Station

Molar ozone reaction Enthalpy shift - Ozone Maker Station

Reverse osmosis process - River Sewage Treatment Plant

Fire protection regulations - Fire Station

Medic specialist support - Hospital

Centralized biometric database - Police Station

Amplitude modulated carrier wave - Information

Computer assisted program planning - Activity

Inner-city self-determination - Participation

Goods bunker - Warehouse

Long-range guns - Defense Turrets

Intelligent reactive armor - Defense Turrets

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