Final Spurt is the fourth bonus mission released in Anno 2070.You wiil need the DLC package of global trust to play it.

Difficulty: Hard (Gold starGold starGold star)


Global Trust is forced to operate in unprofitable sectors in order to replace the business partners already lost. Forge new trade agreements in the Company's name by quickly responding to the global markets constantly fluctuating demands.


  • Close at least 8 deals...
  • ... but miss fewer than 3 deals


  • Economy
  • Trade



As the mission description says, you have to close at least 8 deals with Rufus, before the time runs out.

Every time you are given a new deal, at first Rufus will tell you which material you will need to bring to his Ark. A timer will then start. After some time, Rufus will explain how many tons of the given material you will need to bring him. If you bring the materials to his Ark in time, the deal is forged.

Despite the objectives saying you can miss up to 2 deals, if you want to win you NEED to focus on completing ALL the first 8 deals. The reason is that the first 8 deals requires materials you can obtain up to the Tycoon Engineers level (for the last deal you will need 1,200 Engineers). If you missed one deal, Rufus will then ask you to produce a given quantity of Jewelery which not only requires the Tycoon Executives but also the Diamonds you can only get from underwater.

So, in summary: save the game often (at least after completing each deal) and if you miss a single deal... load a previous save or start again.

These are the first eight deals:

  • 40 tons of Coal
  • 50 tons of Iron Ore
  • 60 tons of Concrete
  • 60 tons of Oil
  • 50 tons of Steel
  • 40 tons of Luxury Meals
  • 50 tons of Champagne
  • 40 tons of Heavy Weapons

Video WalkthroughEdit

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Bonus Mission Final Spurt39:02

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Bonus Mission Final Spurt


Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin

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