To get the : Researcher Rodney Title: Virtual Entity Player Colour: Sky Blue - For Science : Discover the following formulas -

Control room upgrade - Coal Power Station

Regenerative combustion - Coal Power Station

Blue print hydroelectric power plant - Hydroelectric Power Plant

Automated maintenance - Wind Park (There is also an item by this name for Energy transmitters, but this is the Wind Park version.)

Optimized rotor blades - Wind Park

Interim waste storage - Waste Compactor

Heterogeneous catalysis - Waste Compactor

Improved air mass acquisition - Weather Control Station

Biological aerosol compression - Weather Control Station

Commando ship turbine revision - Commando Ship

Freight ship engine optimization - Freight Ship

Freight ship capacity expansion - Freight Ship

Rice substitute - Fertilities & Resources

Tea substitute - Fertilities & Resources

Vegetable replicas - Fertilities & Resources

Automatic fire detection system - Fire Station

Fire engine modernization - Fire Station

Labor regulations documentation - Laboratory

Central warehouse management - Warehouse

Massive construction - Warehouse

Depot expansion - Warehouse

Precision drill heads - Basalt Crusher

Automatic conveyor - Basalt Crusher

Reinforced Reisshaken plows - Coal Mine

Emmision control - Coal Mine

Ore detector - Iron Mine

Natural drainage - Iron Mine

Improved radar sensors - Defense Turrets

Selective armor - Defense Turrets

Automatic maintenance unit - Defense Turrets

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