A place on the wiki where programmers here can freely communicate about any tools being developed for Anno 2070 (since we know that the official forums are evil).

There is one project (for now) for data-extraction on GitHub.

Discussion PagesEdit


Add links to shared resources here, be it code, images, databases, whatever.

A note on JSON: Please only include valid JSON files (comments are not supported, use {"_description": "", ...} object instead).

Resource Type Format Link Author Description Last Updated
Data JSON, CSV, ODS list_of_buildings_v0.3.json (.csv, .ods) deathApril v0.3, data for each building from assets.xml + data from properties.xml, icons.xml, icons.txt, guids.txt and .ifo files 2011-12-17
Script Python3 deathApril Generates the previous data files. Since v0.3.2 part of a GitHub project. See older versions here. 2011-12-31
Images PNG Cphoenix Collection of named icons for game's buildings (does not correspond to keys from related xml files) 2011-12-16
Images PNG Grilse Large collection of icons from the game's GUI; recently updated to fix +1 numbering error in naming. (If your script was compensating for this, you can stop now.) 2011-12-16
Data JSON icon_name_map.json Grilse Mapping from internal icon numbers (icon_27_4.png) to icon filenames (Fish.png) as used on this wiki. Incomplete, extend this as needed. 2011-12-20
Script Python3 Grilse Generates a JSON file with the properties of all academy research projects. Incomplete. 2011-12-20
Data JSON academy_research.json Grilse JSON file with the properties of all academy research projects. Incomplete. 2011-12-20
Script Python3 Grilse Generates wikitext for use on Academy_Research_Projects. Incomplete. 2011-12-20te

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