Data log I

Data log interface

Data log

The data log is an collection of tips and hints, all gathered together by E.V.E.. You will recive tips from E.V.E. when you are playing a game. You can find the data log in the central menu by clicking on the button with the three sheets on it. The data log messages are sorted in seven subjects:


  1. Player Profile
  2. Message archive and data log
  3. Types of assignment
  4. Define Game parameters
  5. Participation in World events
  6. Methods of communication
  7. The Domination Conflict
  8. To stage a Domination Conflict

GAME WORLD (7): Edit

  1. The Ark
  2. Explore
  3. Ecobalance
  4. Islands
  5. Underwater world
  6. Life under water
  7. Disasters


  1. Island colonization
  2. Needs
  3. Building materials
  4. Public buildings
  5. Population groups
  6. Taxes
  7. Population needs
  8. Influence radii of Buildings
  9. Building types and attributes
  10. Level increase for population
  11. Media influence

ECONOMY (13): Edit

  1. Production
  2. Logistics
  3. Plant productivity
  4. Energy
  5. Trade
  6. Debt
  7. Expanding Production areas
  8. Storage
  9. Increasing central Warehouse capacity
  10. Trading routes
  11. The Harbor
  12. The Energy transmitter
  13. Island shares

VEHICLES (6): Edit

  1. Controlling Vehicles
  2. Ships
  3. Submarines
  4. Aircraft
  5. Reduced Vehicle speeds
  6. Replacement Vehicle


  1. Contact
  2. Diplomatic status
  3. Agreements with neighbors
  4. Actions with diplomatic consequences
  5. War
  6. Quests
  7. Ultimatums
  8. Friendly turns

ITEMS (2): Edit

  1. Items
  2. Researching your own Items

There is also a secret achievement that is impossible to get if you did not get it before getting the Deep Ocean expansion package: Training Complete; Receive all log entries

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