Crisis Intervention is a second mission of Global Distrust World Event. It has a medium tax reduction of 50%.

Difficulty: Medium


  • Achieve 1000 Tycoon employees and 900 Tycoon engineers.
  • Sell 40,000 credits worth of goods (Do not buy goods, because this increases the amount you must sell.)


  • 150 career points (with a faction of your choice)
  • Formula: Data trap
  • Formula: Recovery cells


Crisis Intervention Map

Crisis Intervention sector map

As with the previous mission, it's best to take a minimalist approach.  While Engineers give access to Tech options and underwater resources, the maintenance costs are typically not worth it given the minimal taxes available.  You need to reach both the Employee and Engineer population targets at the same time, so that's a total of 129 residences: 26 for workers, 67 for Employees and 36 for Engineers and a final population of 208 Workers, 1005 Employees and 900 Engineers.  After you reach this target, I suggest upgrading up to 1175 Engineers for the extra tax income - every credit helps.  (You can get to 1525 Engineers with this many residences, but doing so gives your populace the opportunity to riot if you don't build a rather expensive Financial Center.)

The halved income makes maintenance costs rather painful, so there are some things you'll want to cut back on.  As previously mentioned, ignore the tech path entirely (don't even buy construction rights - 10 000 credits can be used elsewhere).  Also, don't bother with Luxury Food, Champagne, or Financial Centers. (Keep Engineer populations below 1200 to prevent rioting for not building the Financial Centers.)  Disaster management buildings are a tossup - build and destroy them as necessary or build and forget - the maintenance costs for full coverage aren't crippling.  I also recommend being conservative with your construction components.  At half the normal income, keeping a positive balance is tough even without extravagant construction yards.

40 000 credits is not a tremendous amount of trade income to handle.  It's easy enough to figure out what people are willing to pay for things - set up trade routes for the most lucrative products and just wait it out.  Keep in mind that buying goods from others (as opposed to Express Deliveries) cuts into your total profits for this goal - it might be necessary, but try to avoid it.  The map shows where third parties are (Trenchcoat arrived by the time I was finished my mapping expedition.  Sokow is in the lower left, Thor Strindberg upper-ish right, Yanna in upper left Ark, Devi in lower right, and Rufus and your Arks are in the centre.

One additional point: Thor started with thieves in my mapping expedition (though I'm not sure if this is always true), but at least he keeps primarily to his own island.  He's also not very generous in his trading rates, so you may just want to use Sokow and the neutral parties. 

The large island just down and right of your starting position provides ample room for your settlement, as well as the Rice fertility and the best assortment of minerals and metals you'll find on this map.  The smaller island just up and left has the Vegetable fertility necessary for Convenience food.  Claim both of them right away, then focus on building up your city while providing just Fish and Community (and Building Modules, obviously.  Add in Liquor and Casinos when you're ready to advance to Employees (and Tools and Concrete as soon as you do), then Convenience Food, Plastic and Information when ready to advance to Engineer.  (Check your balance when deciding whether or not to use the increased tax TV station - with taxes halved, it might not even be worth the extra maintenance of running an extra benefit.)  Uranium reserves in the sector are drastically limited (approximately 1000 scattered over the sector, primarily on Thor's island and none on your 2 primaries), so you'll be stuck with less lucrative goods.  Denying access to unnecessary needs (Workers don't need liquor, Employees don't need Convenience Food or Plastic) should give you a surplus of Needs related goods that Rufus normally buys at a decent price.  Once your city's up and running, settle in with a trade route for Rufus, and wait.  You may need to replenish ore reserves on your islands (the vegetable island is drastically low on the coal you'll need for power, for instance...and anything else you want to mine there, actually) - use Demand Quests with the 3 Ark Commanders to build up Licenses, and buy what replenishment items you need from them as well.  (If it's critical and not available, save, refresh items and reload until they have it - otherwise you'll burn though all your credits trying to get the one item you need.)

If you want to speed things up, build enough plastic production chains to satisfy your eventual needs as soon as you have enough employees, and set your Commando Ship on a trade route selling it off to Rufus.  Deny Employees access to plastics until you're ready to advance to engineers - Rufus will give you more money than your citizens will for it.  For additional profit, you can make your Convenience Food on the vegetable island, and have the ship bring back Convenience Food instead of flavor, and sell surplus to Rufus on the way back.  It's not as profitable as the plastic, but his Ark is pretty much directly in between the best beaches on those islands (for this strategy), so it doesn't waste much time.  I found it best to have the Commando ship running both the Convenience food and plastic sales concurrently, since that saved me the resources of building a shipyard and another ship.

This method took me 3.5 hours of game (using the early plastics trade) time to win (substantially less in realtime - there's lots of waiting).  It's relatively slow, but involves minimal micromanagement.

Video Walk-through by leafonthewin

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Global Event - Global Distrust - Crisis Intervention51:47

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Global Event - Global Distrust - Crisis Intervention

Additional StrategiesEdit

Trenchcoat is a huge help in this mission as he will buy your goods at a premium rate. When he appears in the sector, focus on selling all of your excess goods to him.

Start out the mission by settling the two islands and building up your city layout with only workers. Satisfy all of their needs (fish, liquor, and activity) in order to get more tax income. Upgrade to employees and build a tools production chain and continue to upgrade until you unlock Convenience Food. Keep your worker tax level at calm (yellow) unless you are upgrading. If you can afford it, drop it to happy (mild green) if you are trying to get people to move in.

When you have an income of +100 or more, build 3 to 4 Convenience Food production chains on the second island and set up a passive trade route to sell it. Rufus will come by and buy food while you can focus on building up your city (and not worry about exhausting mineral resources early). When Trenchcoat comes around, fill up your Commando Ship with Convenience Food and sell it to him. If you have an excess of tools, you can upgrade more houses until you get access to build the Munitions factory. Build one factory and pause the tools production. Sell off the weapons. Between this and the Convenience Food, you should reach 40,000 in trade relatively quickly.

Continue to expand your city layout around two city centers until you have at least 129 residences. Upgrade more worker houses until you have 103 employee houses. When you're ready, build the plastics production chain on the second island and then set your Commando Ship to bring Convenience Food and Plastics to your main island. Pop in the Ministry of Truth and you should be able to upgrade to Engineers at your leisure.

There is Ebashi in this map too, so, if you have enough credits to unlock Tech buildings and a trimaran, you can find him; he can give you some missions but, mainly, I buys Uranium ore at an higher prices respect to the other parties.

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