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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
Coral Icon Coral Breeder SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Construction Cost Credits-icon500 · Building modules 4 · Tools 3 · Carbon 1
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon -40 · Energy-icon -4
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Coral Icon
Fields Cultivates 5 3x2 coral fields.
Unlock 1 Researcher
The Coral Breeder is a Tech Building which produces Coral. Coral is needed for the production of Immunity Drugs. No ferility is required to grow coral; this building, as well as its partner the Gen Farming Laboratory, can be constructed and operated on any underwater plateau.

Production Chains Utilizing this BuildingEdit

Immunity Drugs icon Immunity Drugs
SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Credits-icon 3300  · Balance-icon -220  · Energy-icon -50  · Ecobal-icon -12
Building modules 36 · Tools 17 · Carbon 13
Gen Farming Laboratory icon
Gen Farming Laboratory
2 @ 100%
Cflow-D Immunity Drugs icon
Immunity Drug Manufactures
2 @ 100%
Coral Icon
Coral Breeder
1 @ 100%

  • The total energy consumption is split between land and seafloor: -40 / -10


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