Continuous game - this is really bread and butter from the series of Anno. In that
Continuous Game Icon
game mode, you play the game with the limits that you set, from the size of the game map to detailed starting conditions and the level of difficulty for victory. You also have the option to choose your opponents as other players or NPCs.

Standard Game optionsEdit

There are three pre-programmed options: an easy, a medium and a hard one.

Easy Game Normal Game Hard Game
Island Size Medium Medium Large
Fertilities Many Medium Few
Raw Materials Many Medium Few
Quests Medium Medium Medium
City Disasters Easy Medium Medium

Environmental Disasters

Easy Medium Hard
Technological Disasters Easy Medium Hard
Environmental Influences Positive Mixed Negative
Revealed Map Off Off Off
Start Balance 80.000 Credits 50.000 Credits 30.000 Credits
Licenses None None None
Forced Peace Off Off Off
Start Situation 1 Warehouse None None
Ships Off Command Ship Merchant Fleet
Ark Storage On On On
Refund of Construction Costs Full Half Off

Setting your own limitEdit

You can configure many things for Continuous Mode. Available settings are divided into two tabs: the Lobby and the Game settings screen.


In the lobby you can set with who you want to play in your sector. You can choose computer opponents as well as human opponents, but with a maximum of three expanding parties. For more details on playing with other players, see Multiplayer.

  • Allow Open Access: Opens your game to the public at the time of creation, and it will appear for other players in the Mission Map "Join Multiplayer Game" list.
  • Faction Selection: Choose preferred starting faction
  • Map Size: Choose whether to generate a small (17-20 islands total, 2 starting locations), medium (21-26 islands total, 3 starting locations) or large (26-32 islands total, 4 starting locations) map

Game settingsEdit

Continuous Game Settings

In the Game settings tab you are able to customize the environment, as well as start-, and win conditions. Mouseover each setting for a detailed description.

Things to note:

  • Win conditions in continuous games are insubstantial, save for setting goals for oneself and others. Reaching win conditions does not award any rewards or career points.
  • Turning off quests also means no ultimatums, which leaves players as the only parties able to declare war, no daily quests, and no quests received when using the 'Demand Quest' diplomatic action.
  • The 'Peace' setting does not apply to Hector and Keto.
  • Starting a map with Hector selected & no war for 1 hour for example will cause Hector not to show up at all.


See Continuous Game/walkthrough.

Recommended MapsEdit

These maps are the nicest maps to play.

Anno 2070Edit

Post Patch 1.05, the following numbers are correct.

Map Seed 83943Edit

This map has 4 large islands in the centre. The island to the right of the red ark is probably the best, with enough room for the large building layouts, a Hydroelectric Dam slot, and six river slots. The islands north and south-east of this island have plenty of room but no river/dam slots. The island to the east will not fit the biggest housing layouts but has 7 river slots.

Map 83943

Map Seed 83943 Large Map Large Islands

This map also has large islands that contain durum wheat and vegetable seeds. In particular, the large northern island has vast expanses of land, river slots, hydroslots and positive environmental influences. The underwater islands are also very large.

My Settings were:

  • Map Size: Large
  • Island Size: Large
  • Fertilities: Many
  • Raw Materials: Many

Map Seed 74530Edit


My Settings were:

  • Map Size: Large
  • Island Size: Large
  • Fertilities: Many
  • Raw Materials: Many
  • Ecobalance influences: Positive

This map has enough space to build large cities and 4 monuments. It has fertilities for all civilisations and it can support all stages. It's one of the best maps I have come across to date. The settings above are important but you can experiment to get different results, however these are the best. The second island in top right and the one at the bottom right have the same island setup which is best to start on .

Since Patch 1.05, the following numbers are incorrect!

Map Seed 81631Edit


Map Seed of 81631

I recommend this map seed, due to its 3 large islands close together, all three have spots for Hydroelectric Dams, and the two large islands near each faction rep can support any of the large scale building layouts from the layout page. The one near Mr. Thorne is perfect for a Global Trust start (buy Rice Seeds), the one near the Yana is perfect for an Eden start. So it is a prime setup.

Your start location, blue, isn't the best, but you can move your Ark right in the center of the three islands.

My Settings were:

  • Map Size: Large
  • Island Size: Large
  • Fertilities: Many
  • Raw Materials: Many

Map Seeds 71457 and 19794Edit

71457 and 19794 are perhaps better for large population groups, since they have a larger supply of durum wheat. It is not an easy fertility to get and if you want to build a really large total population, say over 20 million, you will need a good supply of it for pasta.

Deep OceanEdit

This is a custom map, not a seed. This map uses only the best islands in the game, has an infinite amount of resources, and all fertilities/resources on all islands. I've also left a surprise in one of the ships! (Persuasion Emitter, Ying-Yang Regulator, Virtual Facades, and a few hydro dam blueprints.) Place the file in your save game folder, then load it like you would any other saved game. Documents\ANNO 2070\Accounts\Your Account\Savegames Enjoy!

Map Seeds 84769Edit

A decent map on any map setting. Ebashi & Hector enabled, this map has 4 large islands with hydro and rivers, a large island without hydro as well as 5 places for geothermal powerplants

Multiple underwater plateaus have black smokers and on "medium" resources 4 islands have underwater ruins for the production of microchips or building modules.

Map Seed 79810Edit

I've been playing  various seeds to find one that I can build an empire, using both factions (and later techs). so far this is the best I've found, without hector enabled.

Map Seed 22045Edit

  • Map Size: Large
  • Island Size: Large
  • Fertilities: Many
  • Raw Materials: Many
  • Environmental Influences: Positive

This sector have got 5 slots for Hydroelectric Dam and 3 slots for Geothermic Power Plant. With positive ecobalance. All underwater plateaus have got ruins and black smokers.

Map without Hector and Ebashi

Map Seed 95555Edit

!!! Map Highly Recommended !!! thumb|link=File:Seed95555.jpg

  • Map Size: Large
  • Island Size: Large
  • Fertilities: Many
  • Raw Materials: Many
  • Environmental Influences: Positive

This sector have got 6 slots for Hydroelectric Dam and 4 slots for Geothermic Power Plant. With positive environmental influences there are 2 Water Treatment Plants, 2 Old Weather Stations and 2 Formers giving for start 1 100 global ecobalance. All underwater plateaus have got ruins and black smokers.

Map without Hector and Ebashi

!!! Map Highly Recommended !!!

Map Seed 51059Edit

I have starte this map with Hiro and Hector enabled, 5 large islands, 3 have hydro plants, seen 2 geo-thermal, mixed influences. (game crashed pre-picture, will get one up)

Map Seed 11062Edit

Map 11062 L - L

A map seed I stumbled accross. It's a pretty decent map with no less than 6 Hydro Plant' slots. There are only 3 'underwater plateaus that support a Geothermic Plant, but that's acceptable. The set-up is the usual easy set-up. Everything set to large and highest fertilities and resources.

The top and bottom starting islands are perfect for a large Metropolis, able to support all three factions. The two middle starting islands are perfect for supporting them with building material, tea and liquor. The one on the right also has a Hydro Plant slot. The large island way up North has an increased Ecobalance of 150 and has the Durum Wheat and Fruit fertility. Just throw on some Rice, and you can cultivate all Employee and Engineer food on one island.

I don't really need to give you all fertilities, this map will support everything.

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