The Confidence-building Measures is the first mission of the Global Distrust World Event. It is the easiest mission of this event with approximately 20% reduced tax income.

Difficulty: Easy


  • Small sector with building land close to Sokow Transnational.
  • Your Residents will generate a little less Tax income. There are a number of Trading partners in this Sector. Find out where to get the best deals.



Overview and NPCsEdit

You will start at the centre of the map with Rufus Thorne's Ark near yours. At the north side of the map you can find Yana's Ark, and Prof. Dr. Salman Devi's Ark can be found at the south-east corner of the map. The only expanding player, Vadim Sokow, is settled at the island atthe north-east corner of the map. Sometimes Trenchcoat will enter this sector. There are many large islands on this map but there is no need for settling them, as all mission objectives can be simply satisfied using only one island.


Settle the big island nearby. Build 3 Basalt Crushers and 3 Smelters for quick expansion, add 2 Fisheries to satisfy your population's primary need. You will need 63 Worker Barracks to satisfy the second objective. Remember, that leveling up workers to employees will lower general number of workers, and thus preventing objective from completion. But if you level up them after that, the objective will be "locked" as completed and you will be able level up all the residences you want.

To complete the trade income objective, level up at least one residence to gain access to the Tools production chain. After that, build 2-3 Iron Mines, Rotary Excavators and Iron Smelters. There is no need to build a Tools Workshop, because you will sell produced Iron to Trenchcoat, who will enter the sector approximately at this moment. He will buy Iron at a very good price. You can also sell surplus of Fish, Building Modules or Liquor to accelerate the process. Soon enough this mission will be finished.

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Global Event - Global Distrust - Confidence-Building Measures15:07

Anno 2070 Let's Play Walkthrough Global Event - Global Distrust - Confidence-Building Measures

15 Minute Burn Through;

Settle the main Island. You'll need 1 city center, a Casino, and enough houses for just over 500 residences. Grab an order of blocks from the Ark and set one trade slot for tools. Yeah it's suggested not to buy anything - but don't worry about it. Build 8-10 basalt crushers & block factorys. Build 4 Fisheries. Off to one side plop down a depot with enough room for 8-10 distillerys. While this is going on send your command ship out to find Trenchcoat (often lower right area). Get back to your harbor start loading all extra supplies of Fish, Blocks & Booze. Lock acension rights. You can bump up 1 or two residences if you want the extra trading slots but its realy not nessary. Neither do you need to worry about tool or concrete production. You don't even need to find Sokow for extra trade. A few runs with your command ship to Trenchcoat and thats it. You may get interrupted with a quest from Yana to seize a small trade ship.

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