Cargo-liner-icon Cargo liner Eco logo
Ship 01
Unit Type Ship
Construction Cost Credits-icon 2,000 · Building modules 14 · Wood 20
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon -25  · Ship-icon 4
HP 400
Cargo Holds 4 x 50 tons
Item Slots 1
Attack Power –/–/–
Build Time 1:30
Unlock 1 Eco Engineer

The Cargo Liner is the largest Eco trading ship. It has four 50t cargo holds and one upgrade slot. It is by far the fastest freighter when empty or lightly loaded, but is only slightly faster than a loaded Container Ship when full. It costs the same to maintain as the much larger Tycoon freighter, but uses only 4 Fleet Size.

The Cargo Liner is slowed down about 25% with a full cargo load.


Most upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark-icon Gold star small Cargo liner itemSpeed Cargo liner Engine room optimization Speed-icon: +15% Additional glycol injection.

Ark-icon Gold star small Cargo liner itemCapacity Cargo liner Cargo capacity revision Storage-capacity-icon: +25% Improved internal structures.

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star small Cargo liner itemMultiple effects Cargo liner Haulage equipment Storage-capacity-icon: +25% Speed-icon: +15% Improved Transport services.

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Cargo liner itemMultiple effects Cargo liner Cargo service upgrade Storage-capacity-icon: +50% Speed-icon: +20% Maximum Transport efficiency.


  • In the Anno 2070 Artbook, the Cargo Liner is referred to as the Cargo Ship.


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