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Aircraft are military units used in Anno 2070. They are built at the Airport. Aircraft cannot transport goods due to restrictions imposed by the Aviation Authority, because of a series of accidents in S.A.A.T aircraft.


Aircraft units can be produced at the Airport.

The following types of Aircraft are available:


Airfields are needed to store your aircraft and are used for takeoff and landing. Airfields are part of your airport.

Fuel ConsumptionEdit

All aircraft consume fuel from Kerosene continuously while flying and therefore need to be resupplied at airfields in between flights. All aircraft use a different amount of fuel per second and have varying fuel capacities related to size. An aircraft which runs out of fuel will switch to emergency power, loosing a large part of their speed and attack capability.


The Aircrafts are haunted by a glitch that is actually quite weird. It's not easy to do, but if the player lands an airplane and does it properly when commanding it to fly to another location, the plane will remain on the ground, but move like normal. The giant advantage is that it doesn't consume any fuel, so it can fly forever. However, it's a bit unsure if it's able to attack or if it takes damage when attacked by an enemy.

As of Patch 2.0, this glitch no longer works.

Other usagesEdit

Aircraft are not only used for military purposes, though none of those extra functions can be directly controlled by the player. Eco Executive Mansions usually have a small aircraft used by the Executives to travel in the city, giving Eco cities a unique outlook compared to the Tycoons. All warehouses and Port Authorities also come with a flying cargo lifter, which could be considered an aircraft.

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