Serious Incident

A Serious Incident is the second mission in The Nordamark Border Conflict Word Event. This missions is a bit more difficult, because you have to settle Tycoon and Eco Engineers. Tycoon and Eco buildings are available from the beginning of the game.


  • Use some Diplomats to increase their influence on the warring parties. Escalating firefights between the Eden Initiative and Global Trust bases. Arbitrate between them, and then get both parties to the negotiating table.


  • Achieve 50 Tycoon Employees and 50 Eco Employees and keep them for ten minutes
to train the first 2 Diplomats.
  • Achieve 150 Tycoon Engineers and 150 Eco Engineers and keep them for ten minutes
to train the other 2 Diplomats. Then, use the Diplomats to


  • Vehicle: Orca 
  • 150 career points for Tycoon, Eco or Tech's careers at player choice.
  • Achievement: Achievement "It is getting warmer"

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